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標題: Annual Changes in Leaf Nutrient Contents of Mango 'Chiin Hwang'
作者: 陳秀珠
Hsiu-Chu Chen
Heuy-Lin Lin
Ching-Chang Siesh
Kuo-Chan Lee
關鍵字: 芒果
Nutrient Contents
'Chiin Hwang'
摘要: 本事驗調查嘉義竹崎地區〝金煌〞芒果無稽養分之週年變化。試驗結果顯示,葉片氮濃度之變化,在果實生長發育較高,但在果實採收後,新梢生長時(約3月2號以後),葉片中含氮量明顯下降,並維持一平穩的狀況;鈣濃度的變化,呈現一緩慢增加的趨勢;葉片中鉀的含量,在花後下降,隨著果實的生長,而濃度漸增,至果實生長後期,降到最低,而後隨著枝條的的抽梢,呈現慢慢增加的趨勢;鎂在果實發育初期,葉片中含量較高,在果實發育後期下降,採果後亦隨著枝梢的抽長而逐漸累積;磷的變化較其他大量元素呈現不同趨勢,在果實的初期生長,葉片中呈現緩慢下降,至中期才逐漸上升,而後呈現一緩慢上升趨勢;葉片中錳濃度的變化,自過時發育初期,呈現逐漸下降趨勢,再整個調查中亦持續下降;鋅的含量,在整個果實生長發育時期並沒有明顯的變化,而在枝梢抽出時期有上升的趨勢;鐵的濃度變化在果實生長初期,葉片中含量高,至中期以後下降,並維持在一穩定的含量,並無明顯的變動。 根據試驗資料,在開花前臨界期至盛花時期,葉片中無機養分之累積達到一穩定的含量,為適當之樹體營養採樣分析。
The objective of this experiment was to investigate the annual change in mineral nutrients of mango 'Chin-Hwang' in Chi-Yi area, Chia-Yi county, Taiwan. Results showed that nitrogen concentration of mango leaf was high during fruit development, but decreased significantly after harvesting and while the young shoots started to grow (approximately after September 2) and followed by maintaining a low but stable content. Calcium concentration, in general, had a tendency to increase gradually while K content of the leaf decreased after blooming. However, K concentration increased as fruit developing process continued and diminished to the lowest point at the final stage of fruit development, and on the rise as new shoot began to grow. Magnesium concentration was high at the beginning of the fruit development and drpopped at a later stage and accumulated to a relatively high level with new shoot growth. Unlike other macroelements, P concentration gradually decreased in the leaf during the early stage of fruit develpoment, however it began to increase from the midstage of fruit development. Mn concentration diminished while Zn concentration maintained at a rather constant level throughout the experiment only slightly enhanced as new shoot appeared. Fe concentration of the leaf was high during the early fruit developing period and gradually lowered to a stable condition at mid stage and remained unchanged. According to the experimental data, the best sampling stage for leaf analysis is from anthesis to full blooming when mineral nutrients accumulated to a certain level abd remained constant.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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