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標題: Effects of Seedling Ages and Low Temperature Treatments on Growth and Yields in Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
作者: 許啟誠
Chi-Cheng Hsu
Wen-Shann Lee
Woo-Nang Chang
關鍵字: Tomato
Seedling age
Low temperature treatments
摘要: 試驗採用台中亞蔬四號及農友301二個番茄品種為材料,定植前苗株經20/12℃低溫處理10及5天後,結果顯示第一花序著生節位、著果率及個花序節位著生高度、著生花數、著果數及不同收穫期間的果數等性狀以台中亞蔬四號較高或較多,平均單果重以農友301較重;二品種間第一、二花序的始花期、使收期、早期產量及第二至五花序著生節位差異不顯著。第一花序的花數與著果數,隨四、五、六週苗齡的增加而降低,各花序著節位與高度則隨苗齡增加而增高;但不同苗齡對著果率及第二花序以後之花數與著果數、不同收穫期間的產量及單果重並無影響。苗株經低溫處理後,顯著延遲始花期即始收期,對平均單果重無影響,而早期收穫果數隨低溫處理天數的增加而降低;各花序著生節位除第一花序在低溫處理間差異未達顯著外,均顯著較對照之未經低溫處理者低。
Two tomato cultivars, Taichung Asian No.4 and Know-you 301, were tested in the experiment. Seedlings were treated in 20/12℃ for 10 and 5days before transplanted. Taichung Asian No.4 was higher or larger in node of first inflorescence, fruit set percentage, node height of each inflorescence, number of flower, fruit set number, and number of fruit harvest during the different harvest period. Known –you 301was higher in mean weight of single fruit. There was early yield, and node number bearing the 2ed to the 5th inflorescence. Flower numbers and fruit setting number of first inflorescence decreased as age of seedlings increased from 4 to 6week. Node number and height of each inflorescence increased as age of seedling increased. However, no significant different was found in fruit setting rate, flower number and fruit setting number after the 2ed inflorescence, yield of different harvesting period, and single fruit weight between these two cultivars. After seedling were treated with low temperature, days to flowering and to the first harvest were significantly delayed with no affection on average single fruit weight. Fruit harvested number od early yield decreased as day of low temperature treatment increased. Aside from the first inflorescence, node number of each inflorescence on plants treated with low temperature were significantly lower than that of untreated control set.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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