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標題: Change in Carbohydrates of Developing Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Flesh
作者: 莊忠益
Chuang-I Chung
Yau-Shiang Yang
關鍵字: Mango
摘要: 本研究調查‵柴檨仔′、‵愛文′及‵海頓′芒果果實發育期間,果實之形態及碳水化合物之變化。結果顯示芒果果實之生長變化為一單S型曲線,其重量隨著果實發育持續增加,初期速率較快而接近成熟時速下降。果實水分含量於發育初期稍呈上升,而後持續下降直至果實採收。酸度於果實發育初期增加,於快速生長期達到最高,然後下降直至果實採收。果實發育初期澱粉累積緩慢,之後快速累積;而‵柴檨仔′芒果於快速生長之中期以後澱粉才開始快速增加。‵柴檨仔′、‵愛文′及‵海頓′果實未進入後熟期前,還原糖為主要糖類,當果實後熟時非還原糖含量較還原糖高。 果實發育期間,果肉不同部位間碳水化合物累積有分佈不均之特性,外部果肉澱粉含量較內部果肉高,且在果實後熟時不同部位果肉之後熟程度不一,後熟之進行是由內而外。
Changes in characteristics of the ,'Local','Irwin' and 'Haden' mango (Mangifera indica L. )fruit during development were studied. The growth of mango fruit showed a simple sigmoidal curve. There was a continuous increase in fruit weight as its growth advanced, the growth rate was high in the early stage and declined when fruit were near mature. The water content of fruit flesh increased slightly in the early growth stage and then gradually decreased until harvest. The acidity of fruit also increased in the early growth stage and reached a maximum in the fast growth stage, and then declined to very low levels at harvest. Starch accumulation was slow in the early growth stage. In the 'Irwin' and 'Haden' varieties, starch began to rapidly accumulate from the onset of the fast growth stage, while the 'Local'mango started to accumulate starch from the middle of the fast growth stage. The 'Local','Irwin' and 'Haden' fruit contained mainly reducing sugars before ripening, while non-reducing sugars became the predominant sugars during ripening. The carbohydrate contents were different in various portions of fruit flesh. The outer portion of fruit flesh had higher starch content than the inner portion. There was a variation in the degree of ripening in various portions of flesh. Ripening of mango was in the inner tissue and progressed outward.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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