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標題: 夏季低溫對第二收巨峰葡萄枝梢生長之影響
Effect of Summer Chilling on the Shoot Growth of Second Harvest 'Kyoho' Grapevines
作者: 張致盛
Chih-Sheng Chang
Ching-Lung Lee
Yau-Shiang Yang
關鍵字: Temperature
Plant viability
Bud forcing
摘要: 為瞭解夏季低溫及催芽處理對第二收葡萄植株生長之影響,在夏季將盆栽植株移入5℃冷藏處理300、600或900小時後修剪、催芽,比較低溫處理對植株萌芽、新梢長度、水份含量、生理活性及碳水化合物含量之影響。結果顯示以5℃低溫300小時處理可促進第二收葡萄萌芽,延長低溫處理時間至600及900小時並無法提早萌芽,低溫處理會促進萌芽後新梢之生長。夏季低溫處理會提高萌芽前根部活力增加,提高植株全可溶性糖含量,降低澱粉及可溶性蛋白質含量。
The vines were treated with different duration of chilling in 5℃ in summer. The results showed that treatment of 5℃ chilling for 300 hours could promote budbreak and shoot growth in the second harvest vines, prolong the chilling duration could not accelerate budbreak but enhanced the shoot growth after budbreak. Chilling treatment in summer could increase the plant viability, and the activities in pre-budbreak stage were higher in chilling or budforcing roots of vines. Chilling treatment in summer from July to August could increase the content of total soluble sugars, and decreased the starch and the soluble protein content. The content of free amino acid decreased in the pre-budbreak stage of chilling, but increased as chilling was prolong to 900 hours.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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