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標題: Effect of Plastic Mulch Colors on Growth of Pak-choi (Brassica campestris L.)
塑膠覆蓋顏色對小白菜(Brassica campestris L.)生長之影響
作者: 黎香云
Thi Huong Van Le
Wen-Shann Lee
Woo-Nang Chang
關鍵字: Mulch
摘要: Effects of plastic mulch color including aluminum polyethylene, clear, green, red, and yellow plastic on growth of pak-choi (Brassica campestris L.) cv. 'Feng Jing' in greenhouse were investigated at three different croppings i.e. September, 2003, November, 2003 and January, 2004. Root temperature under mulches was higher than the non-mulched control during the three croppings. The highest root temperature was shown under aluminum polyethylene and clear plastic which was 2.6 to 3.1℃ higher than control at midday. Green, red and yellow plastics had similar effect on root temperature. PPFD tended to be increased on mulch surfaces, except red plastic. The highest PPFD were measured on aluminum polyethylene and yellow plastic which were 6-21% higher than in control at three croppings. The effect of mulch color on plant growth varied among different crops. Yield in Sept. crop decreased in mulched treatments but increased in clear and yellow plastics by 19 and 31%, respectively, in comparing to control in Jan. crop. There were no differences in yield between mulches and control in Nov. crop, however, the differences among mulches were shown with higher yield in yellow plastic compared to aluminum polyethylene. Nitrate content in leaves grown in Sept. crop increased in mulched treatments but decreased in mulching with yellow plastic in Jan. crop. Percentage of leaves injuried by diamond-back moth (Putella xylostells L.) generally was decreased by mulching during three crops, however, yellow plastic was the most efficient mulch to reduce the leaf injury.
本試驗以小白菜(Brassica campestris L.)'鳳京'為材料,比較不同顏色之塑膠布覆蓋對根溫及光合作用光子密度(Photosynthetic photon flux density, PPFD)之變化及同時探討不同栽培時期覆蓋下對小白菜生長之影響。使用之覆蓋顏色分別為鋁色、紅色、黃色、綠色及透明等五種,不覆蓋者為對照組。栽培時間分別為2003年9月、11月和2004年1月。 試驗結果顯示,覆蓋面上之PPFD,除紅色覆蓋外,皆較對照組高,但只在9月達顯著差異。覆蓋處理間之PPFD以鋁色及黃色者最高,高於對照組6至21%。覆蓋處理之根溫較對照組高,並以鋁色和透明者最高,於下午13:00兩者之根溫較對照組高約2乃至3.1度C。綠色、紅色及黃色覆蓋對根溫具有相同影響。 覆蓋顏色對小白菜生長及產量之影響依不同栽培時期而異。九月栽培期之產量以對照組最高。十一月栽培者之產量以黃色覆蓋較鋁色覆蓋處理高但各個覆蓋及對照組之間並無顯著差異。一月栽培期之產量以透明及黃色覆蓋處理高於對照組19與31%。本研究發現九月栽培之葉片硝酸態氮含量以對照組最低。一月栽培者則以黃色覆蓋處理最低。另外五種覆蓋顏色都會降低小白菜小菜蛾(Puteella xylostella L.)對葉片之傷害,並以黃色覆蓋最有效。
ISSN: 0255-5921
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