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標題: 高接梨果實發育期間礦物元素含量之變化
Changes in Fruit Mineral Element Content of Top-Grafting Pear During Fruit Development
作者: 許松田
Sung-Tian Shih
Bing-Shiunn Chen
Ching-Cheng Chen
關鍵字: fruit development
Top-grafting pear
mineral element
摘要: 本試驗調查高接梨果實發育期間礦物元素含量之變化。結果顯示,'新世紀'梨果實發育期間果皮之磷、鉀、鐵、鋅含量及果肉之磷,鈣、鎂、鐵及鋅含量均呈下降之趨勢。'新興'梨果實發育期間果皮之氮、磷、鉀、鋅、銅含量及果皮之氮、鋅及銅含量呈下降之趨勢。'新興'梨果實發育初期其果皮及果肉之鐵含量呈上升之趨勢與'新世紀'梨不同。另外,'新興'梨果皮及果肉之鈣含量變化與錳元素相似。'新世紀'及'新興'梨果實發育期間,果肉磷含量皆比果皮高,自花後8週後,鉀含量也較果皮高。
Changes in fruit mineral element contents of top-grafting pear were examined. The results showed that the contents of P, K, Fe and Zn in fruit peel and the contents of P, Ca ,Mg, Fe and Zn in fruit pulp of 'Shinseiki' pear declined during fruit development. The contents of N, P, K, Zn and Cu in fruit peel and the contents of N, Zn and Cu in fruit pulp of 'Shinkou' pear also declined during fruit development. Content of Fe in fruit peel and pulp of 'Shinkou' pear risen during the early stage fruit development,that showed different with 'Shinseiki' pear. Changes in Ca and Mn element contents in fruit peel and pulp of 'Shinkou' pear were consistent.P contents in the pulp were higher than in the peel of 'Shinseiki' and 'Shinkou' pears during fruit development, and K contents were also higher in the pulp than in the peel from 8 weeks after full bloom till harvest.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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