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標題: 鄉村景觀環境對觀賞者生心理效益之研究
The Influences of Rural Landscape Environment on Participants' Psychophysiological Benefits
作者: 周孟慈
Meng-Tzu Chou
Chun-Yen Chang
關鍵字: State anxiety
Rural landscape
摘要: 本研究目的在探討不同的鄉村景觀環境,對於觀賞者之生心理反應是否會造成不同的影響?並且進一步驗證觀賞者生理與心理反應間之相關性。研究選取國內風景優美之鄉村與自然景觀作為生心理測試之刺激來源,於太魯閣國家公園、苗栗飛牛牧場及台中市西屯區東籬農園休閒農場等6處拍攝測試用之有聲動態影片,共20秒。受測者觀看影片後之心理感受以狀態焦慮量表評估;生理反應部份則利用生理回饋儀器量測受測者觀看影片後之「左腦 α 波值,EEGa」、「右腦 α 波值,EEGb」及「前額肌電值,EMG」。並進一部探討觀賞者之「狀態焦慮程度」與「左腦α 波值,EEGa」、「右腦 α 波值,EEGb」及「前額肌電值,EMG」間之相關性。經統計結果分析發現,受測者一般在「人文史蹟環境」影片時反應出較高的心理放鬆狀態;觀看「溪流環境」則最低。反觀生理反應部份,各監測指標反應的結果不甚一致,由平均數可知,受測者觀看「溪流環境」影片時,其「EEGa」、「EEGb」及「EMG」均處於放鬆的狀態。以重複量測變異數分析結果發現,不同的鄉村景觀環境對受測者之「狀態焦慮程度」及「EEGb」兩者有明顯之影響;但對「EEGa」及「EMG」則無。在心理感受與生理反應間的相關性方面,以皮爾遜積差相關分析驗證,結果發現受測者觀看「人文史蹟環境」影片後,其「狀態焦慮程度」與「EEGb」間有顯著的相關性存在;其餘環境則無。
The purpose of this study was to explore whether different rural landscape environments would have influences on participants' psychophysiological responses. Furthermore, it was also to explore the relationship between participants' physical and psychological responses. Six sites in Taroko National Park, Flyingcow Ranch in MiaoLi, and DongLi Farm in Taichung was selected. Each site was filmed for 20 seconds as the stimuli of psychophysiological test. The State Anxiety Inventory was used to estimate participants' psychological responses (State Anxiety, SA) after watching the test film. The right and left sphere Alpha Brain Waves (EEGa, EEGb) and the forehead Electromyography (EMG) was recorded by biofeedback instruments to represent participants' physical responses. In addition, this study was tried to explore the correlation between SA, EEGa, EEGb, and EMG.. The results showed that participants generally had higher psychological release after viewing the Historical environment but lower one after viewing the River environment. On the other hand, participants' physical responses had some inconsistency. According to the mean values of those physical indices, it was found that participants showed higher physical release when viewing the River environment. According to the results of Repeated Measure ANOVA, the difference environments did have significant influences on participants' SA and EEGb. The results of Pearson Correlation between psychological and physical responses also showed significant correlation when participants viewing the Historical environment.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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