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標題: A Studies on Landscape Aesthetic Affects of National Park in Taiwan
作者: 張俊彥
Yen-Hsi Li
Sheng-Jung Ou
Chun-Yen Chang
關鍵字: National park
landscape aesthetic affects
摘要: 目前對於景觀審美之研究多以偏好、愉悅或滿意度等情感因子來代表具有良好景觀品質之環境,但是景觀審美可能產生之美威並非如此單純,其是一種多元複合之情感結構。為了解複雜多變的景觀美感,本研究首先從文獻回顧了解美學哲學、景觀評估與審美研究等相關文獻,建構景觀美感之定義與理論;其次,針對台灣景觀美感的組成因素,以質性與量化研究方法,蒐集台灣地區景觀美感之形容詞彙,透過因素分析將因素縮減為:放鬆愉悅、滄涼孤愁、雄偉崇高、理性統一、平靜安詳、鄉土懷古、朦朧虛渺、瞬間速度、異國奇幻、華麗的、脫俗的及充實的12項台灣地區景觀美感因素構面,並透過單因子變異數分析與t檢定之分析得知,台灣地區13類不同景觀類型在12項景觀美感上皆具有顯著差異,以及研究母體之社經背景在12項景觀美感上大多數不具有顯著差異之結果;最後,以台灣地區六個國家公園為例,分析台灣國家公園之美感組成,分析結果顯示不同的國家公園在12項美感上皆具有顯著的差異。
With regard to the relationship between landscape aesthetic subject and object, researchers often used the affective factors of preference, pleasure or satisfaction to substitute environment with good landscape quality. Nevertheless aesthetic affects may result in different landscape aesthetic that is not simple and includes diverse and compound affective structure. The study firstly reviewed the literature of philosophic aesthetic, landscape aesthetic evaluation and study and then to construct the definition and theory of aesthetic affects. Secondly, the study used both qualitative and quantitative methods to collect the adjective words of landscape aesthetic affects in Taiwan and extract 12 factors of aesthetic affects: relaxation-pleasure, blue-solitary, grandeur-sublime, rationality-unity, quiet-calm, indigenousness-remembrance, hazy-illusionary, blind-speed, foreign-surreal, gorgeous, fairytale, abundance. After that the study used ANOVA's and t-test's method to get two results that are 13 different landscape types with significant difference and demographics without significant difference in each factor of landscape aesthetic affects. Finally analyzing the composite of aesthetic affects for the National Parks in Taiwan, the results showed that there were significant differences in each factor of landscape aesthetic affects among different National Parks.
ISSN: 0255-5921
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