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標題: 輪式行動機器人之預測視覺軌跡追蹤控制
Vision-Based Predictive Trajectory Tracking Control of a Wheeled Mobile Robot
作者: 楊瑞良
關鍵字: Predictive Control
Trajectory Tracking Control
出版社: 電機工程學系
摘要: 中文摘要 本論文旨在發展輪式行動機器人之預測軌跡追蹤控制法則的設計方法學及實作技術。為了使系統反應快速和達到輪式行動機器人的軌跡追蹤控制,本文利用電流迴授作成內迴路及提出三種新式的預測式運動控制法則,以漸進穩定的方式來驅動車體追蹤參考軌跡。因影像處理系統有雜訊存在,本文另提出卡爾曼濾波器,以濾除影像系統中部分雜訊,使所量測的車體運動軌跡更為平滑。此實驗平台包含三個子系統,分別為無線RS232數據機、輪式行動機器人之嵌入式系統以及影像辨識系統之主電腦。具強大運算處理能力之高性能DSP-based控制器被成功地運用來執行所提出之路徑追蹤法則、類比數位轉換及串列傳輸接受資料。模擬與實驗結果用以驗證本文所提控制方法的可行性與有效性。
Abstract This thesis develops methodologies and techniques for control architecture design, trajectory tracking laws and posture estimation of a vision-based wheeled mobile robot (WMR). To solve the problem of position/orientation tracking control of the WMR, three kinematical predictive control laws are developed to manipulate the vehicle to asymptotically follow the desired trajectories. A Kalman filtering scheme is used to reduce the bad effect of the imagine nose, thereby improving the accuracy of pose estimation. The experimental system is composed of a wireless RS232 modem, an DSP-based controller for the wheeled mobile robot and a vision system with a host computer. A computation-effective and high-performance DSP-based controller is constructed for executing the developed sophisticated trajectory tracking laws. Simulation and experimental results are included to illustrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed control laws.
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