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標題: Estimation on Behavior of Slopeland Disaster and Sediment Distribution and Variation using Digital Aerial Photogrammetry
作者: Yu-Shu Lin
Hsueh-Cheng Ho
Miau-Bin Su
關鍵字: 坡地災害
Slope land disasters
digital aerial photogrammetry
terrain elevation variation
出版社: 台北市:中華水土保持學會
摘要: In Taiwan, the frequency of extreme weather events are increasing. The scales of related disasters is getting larger. Therefore, we must not overlook the potential impact. This study is to collect data as complete as possible from selected areas, and it is using digital aerial photogrammetry. First, get the aerial pair in the pre-and post disaster period, Application of image processing technology, and set the collapse and accumulation distribution of the collapse occurred points. It can calculate the shape and actual volume of the sliding soil body. Through the analysis of terrain elevation variation, and provide the simulation and judged of follow-up mechanism. Accumulation situation of collapse material and the possible movement, and it is the emphasis of follow-up disaster prevention. In this study, through analysis of Xiaolin Vil., Jiasian Dist., Kaohsiung City region, and it has been to quantify the scale of the collapse occurred points, and available for follow-up study of the collapse mechanism.
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