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標題: Highly Stable Polymeric Ionic Liquid Modified Electrode to Immobilize Ferricyanide for Electroanalysis of Sulfide
關鍵字: Room temperature ionic liquid (RTIL)
Screen-printed carbon electrode (SPCE)
摘要: We report here the preparation and application of a highly stable polymeric ionic liquid-modified electrode to immobilize ferricyanide for sulfide analysis. Good long-term stability of the modified electrode verifies its potential in sensor applications. The electrocatalytic sulfide oxidation signal at ∼0.0 V vs. Ag/AgCl in pH 7 PBS at the modified electrode was used for sulfide detection by hydrodynamic chronoamperometry and a detection limit of 12.9 nM (S/N=3) was obtained. Practical utility of the system is applied to the determination of sulfide content in hot spring water and ground water.
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