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標題: Ser/Thr Kinase-Like Protein of Nicotiana benthamiana Is Involved in the Cell-to-Cell Movement of Bamboo mosaic virus
關鍵字: To investigate the plant genes affected by Bamboo mosaic virus (BaMV) infection
we applied a cDNA-amplified fragmentlength polymorphism technique to screen genes with differential expression. A serine/threonine kinase-like (NbSTKL) geneof Nicotiana benthamiana is upregulated after BaMV infection. NbSTKL contains the homologous domain of Ser/Thr kinase.Knocking down the expression of NbSTKL by virus-induced gene silencing reduced the accumulation of BaMV in theinoculated leaves but not in the protoplasts. The spread of GFP-expressing BaMV in the inoculated leaves is also impeded bya reduced expression of NbSTKL. These data imply that NbSTKL facilitates the cell-to-cell movement of BaMV. The subcellularlocalization of NbSTKL is mainly on the cell membrane
which has been confirmed by mutagenesis and fractionationexperiments. Combined with the results showing that active site mutation of NbSTKL does not change its subcellularlocalization but significantly affects BaMV accumulation
we conclude that NbSTKL may regulate BaMV movement on thecell membrane by its kinase-like activity. Moreover
the transient expression of NbSTKL does not significantly affect theaccumulation of Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) and Potato virus X (PVX)
NbSTKL might be a specific protein facilitatingBaMV movement.Citation:
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