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標題: Periodic nano/micro-hole array silicon solar cell
作者: Lai, Guan-Yu
Kumar, Dinesh P
Pei, Zingway
關鍵字: Efficiency
Metal catalyst
Nano/microhole Si array
摘要: In this study, we applied a metal catalyst etching method to fabricate a nano/microhole array on a Si substrate for application in solar cells. In addition, the surface of an undesigned area was etched because of the attachment of metal nanoparticles that is dissociated in a solution. The nano/microhole array exhibited low specular reflectance (<1%) without antireflection coating because of its rough surface. The solar spectrum related total reflection was approximately 9%. A fabricated solar cell with a 40-μm hole spacing exhibited an efficiency of 9.02%. Comparing to the solar cell made by polished Si, the external quantum efficiency for solar cell with 30 s etching time was increased by 16.7%.
ISSN: 1556-276X
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