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標題: 具自動物體追蹤功能之遠端監控系統
A Remote Monitor System with an Automatic Object-Tracking Function
作者: 戴上明
Dai, Shang-ming
關鍵字: Monitor System
Object Movement Detecting
Object Tracking
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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摘要: 本論文利用網路發展出遠端監控系統的架構,搭配著可移動式的攝影機,實作出可隨著移動物體自動監控的監控系統架構。本系統以個人電腦為基礎,利用網路遠端操控攝影機,使得攝影機不但可上下左右的操作,還可以設定讓它自動追蹤物體,將影像資料傳送到電腦中經過影像處理,擷取出移動物體,並找到入侵目標物體的中心點,最後將得到的結果交由控制的程式去有效的達到監控的效果。 本論文中用戶端則是以SandgateII的平台搭配WindowsCE的OS利用無線網路來達到遠端監控的效果。
In this thesis, we use the Internet Explore to develop a remote monitor system. We implement an object-tracking monitor system with a movement camera. In this system, we use Internet Explore to control camera that not only can pan and tilt toward the target object but also can transform automatic or hand-control. The core program first detects the moving object and then finds its central position. Finally we use the result which we get from object movement detecting to control the camera to get better effect of the monitor system. In this thesis, the user of client use the SandgateII platform which match the WindowsCE OS to achieve the goal of remote monitor system.
其他識別: U0005-2707200914293000
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