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標題: 黎明技術學院101學年新生健康體適能之研究
Research of Health-Related Fitness of Students from 2012 in Lee-Ming Institute of Technology
作者: 許家得
Chia-Te Hsu
Fu-Hsin Su
Ying-Chih Chien
關鍵字: 學院
health-related fitness
摘要: Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the difference health-related fitness of students from 2012 in Lee-Ming Institute of Technology. Subjects had 787 students and include 487 males and 300 females. So as to understands fitness situation of students and the teaching reference. Method: The test was based on “College Students Fitness Passport” were use on PE class. This contents were include BMI, standing long jump, sit and reach flexibility test, one-minute sit-up, 800m running for female and 1600m running for male The investigated values were analyzed by Descriptive Statistics. Results: 1) All health-related fitness tests on standing long jump were poor performance for males and females. 2) On the 800/1600 meter running have to improved need. Conclusion: The next teaching in PE course and the PE teacher was to promote in explosion strength and cardiopulmonary endurance that were be improved students physical ability
目的:本研究旨在瞭解黎明技術學院 101 新生健康體適能之現況,實際檢測共 787位學生,包括有男生 487 位及女生 300 位。藉以了解學生健康體適能情況及作為教學參考。 方法:依據「大專學生體適能護照」之檢測項目,利用體育課時間進行檢測,內容 包括身體質量指數 (BMI)、立定跳遠、坐姿體前彎、一分鐘屈膝仰臥起坐及跑走 (女生: 800 公尺、男生:1600 公尺)。所有資料皆以描述性統計進行分析。 結果:一、男、女學生的立定跳遠表現有偏低於常模標準。二、在 800/1600 公尺跑走的的表現是落於常模待加強範圍。 結論:黎明技術學院 101 新生健康體適能之現況,在瞬發力和心肺適能 的表現是最差的,體育教師可於體育課程教學上,對於較差的部份加強運動訓練,以提 升學生體能。
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