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標題: Politeness of Japanese Learners in Cross-Cultural Mandarin Classrooms
作者: Chun-Mei Chen
關鍵字: politeness
Japanese learners
Chinese as a second language
second language classroom
cross-cultural communication
摘要: 本篇論文調查日籍華語學習者的禮貌言談行為如何在他們的第二語言詢問、同意與意見不一的表達中呈現,以及他們的禮貌言談行為在跨文化的華語課室中如何讓他們的同儕與老師察覺到。本研究以60個小時的課室錄影與課室言談謄寫的語料為基礎,包含了3位華語老師、8位日籍華語學習者與36位來自不同國家的初級華語學習者語料。調查結果發現,日籍華語學習者在詢問與討論過程中最為迂迴,負面的反應語句也最少。當與母語為英語的學習者進行小組跨文化溝通練習時,日籍華語學習者最為樂意合作。言談分析結果發現,沉默與修正為日籍華語學習者拒絕或否定的重要提示。日籍華語學習者的禮貌言談行為進一步由他們在回應老師時口語使用華語「好」與「對」的數量得到證實。本研究提供跨文化環境下第二語言學習者跨文化溝通表現的華語教學與華語學習啟示。
This study investigates how politeness of Japanese learners is delivered in their L2 Mandarin inquiry, agreements or disagreements, and how their politeness is perceived by their instructors and peers in cross-cultural Mandarin classrooms. Based on 60 hours of video-taping and transcription of Elementary Chinese classroom discourse, in which data from 3 Mandarin language instructors, 8 Japanese learners, and 36 learners from other countries were included, Japanese learners have been reported as the most indirect in classroom inquiry and discussion. Negative responses from Japanese learners have been reported the least among the elementary-level learners of Mandarin. When pairing with English-speaking learners of Mandarin in cross-cultural communication, Japanese-speaking learners of Mandarin have been reported the most cooperative. Discourse analysis of classroom data has revealed that silence and repairs as are important cues for refusal and disagreements. The politeness of Japanese learners was further verified by the quantitative number of the usage of L2 Mandarin hao 'okay' and dui 'right' in response to the instructor's initiation, feedback, or inquiry. The study provides implications for teaching and learning Chinese as a second language in cross-cultural contexts with specific reference to L2 learners' cross-cultural communication.
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