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標題: Discussion of Landslide Monitoring and Analysis for Mudstone Area
作者: Gui-Lin Fu
Jui-Peng Wu
Shiang-Ching Huang
關鍵字: 泥岩
sliding surface
stability analysis
摘要: 莫拉克風災後位於臺南市南化區玉山里柚仔腳聚落發生邊坡滑動,對當地居民及鄰近聚落造成威脅。本研究遂針對該地區辦理崩塌地調查、監測與穩定分析,以做為後續整治規劃之參考。由於地質上屬台灣西南部泥岩分布區,本滑動邊坡由厚層泥岩所組成,地表面則由崩積層或風化泥岩所覆蓋。調查顯示研究區滑動體受地下水位影響顯著,未來辦理相關治理工程規劃,應著重於地表水及地下水之排除。調查結果發現,本崩塌地主裂隙整體呈馬蹄形,延伸性相當良好,為一典型之地滑裂隙型態。崩塌原因初步推論因新鮮岩盤屬不透水之泥岩,大量之降雨入滲後,累積於新鮮岩盤以上之地表覆蓋層、舊有崩積層或風化泥岩中,造成自重增加及孔隙壓力上升,終導致邊坡破壞而發生地層滑動。
Settlement occurs slope slip on local residents and threatens neighboring settlements at Yo-Tzu-Chao, Yuli district of NanHua area in Tainan city after typhoon Morakot. In this study, then apply for the collapse of the region to investigate, monitor and stability analysis to be used as a reference for subsequent remediation plan. Survey shows that the sliding slope composed by a thick layer of mud, the ground surface by colluvium or weathered mudstone covered. Geologically the study area is located in southwestern Taiwan mudstone, sliding body significantly affected by groundwater, the survey found that the collapse of the whole horseshoe-shaped fissure landlords, extensibility quite well for a typical fracture patterns of the slippery floor. Causes of Collapse preliminary inferences because fresh rock is impermeable to the mudstone, a lot of rainfall infiltration, the cumulative in fresh rock above the surface cover, old colluvium or weathered mudstone, causing weight increase and pore pressure rise, eventually leading edge slope landslides occurred damage. Future for the relevant management project planning should focus on surface water and groundwater are excluded.
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