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標題: Relationship of the Visual Preference of Wooden Retaining Structures with Individual Cognition Attitudes
作者: Yi-Chang Chen
Yu-Lan Fang
關鍵字: 木構造物
wooden structures
visual preference
visual cognition
path analysis
摘要: 本研究應用群眾偏好模式,以問卷調查方式,針對受測者性別、教育程度、專業訓練等屬性、及個人對生態工程認知態度,分析是否影響對擋土牆設施之偏好。於研究第一部分,討論受測者對6種木構造擋土牆、及6種混凝土等其他材質擋土牆之偏好差異;第二部分,以路徑分析方法瞭解個人對生態工程的認知態度與擋土牆型式偏好差異之關係。研究結果顯示:6種木構造擋土牆型式中,以校倉式擋土牆最受偏好;其他非木構造之6種材質,以預鑄植栽槽擋土牆最偏好,而木質材料相較於混凝土或石材,有一致性之偏好。受測者性別、教育、專業訓練屬性,透過安全、生態、遊憩的認知態度間接影響擋土牆之偏好;同時,個人屬性亦有直接影響擋土牆偏好之顯著性存在,尤以是否接受過專業訓練及教育程度因素影響較大。景觀及遊憩認知對於擋土牆的偏好有顯著之效果,景觀認知態度支持者偏好木構造擋土牆,反之景觀認知態度低偏好混凝土擋土牆。
The public preference model is used in this study to explore difference in individual attributes and cognition attitudes about ecological engineering of preference for slopeland management and disaster prevention. The first part of this study is aiming at preference difference caused by six wooden structures of retaining wall and the other materials. The second part is to explore the relation between cognition attitude to ecological engineering and preference for type of retaining wall via path analysis method. The study has indicated that Shaw-Chan type retaining wall and pre-cast planting trough earn the highest preference out of six types of retaining wall in aspects of form type and material respectively. While wood material, compare with concrete or stone, shows consistent preference of the public. According to safety, ecology, leisure cognition, individual sex distinction, education level, professional training characteristic has indirectly affect preference to retaining wall. Further, individual characteristic also shows significant effect to the preference to retaining wall, especially in professional trained and educated groups. Visual and leisure cognition has illustrated significant effects on the preference to retaining wall, the higher visual cognition attitude group show preference to wooden structures, while the lower group prefers concrete ones.
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