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標題: Investigation of Reduction Rate in Rural Rejuvenation Projects and Construction Quality Relationship
作者: 張哲嘉
Che-Chia Chang
Li-Ling Lin
Bing-Shyan Lin
關鍵字: Rural regeneration
The amount of reduction rate engineering
Construction quality
摘要: Inspection of facilities quality in rural rejuvenation project has been conducted by Council of Agriculture, Soil and Water Conservation Bureau since 2011. By the end of 2013, a total of 288 engineering samples have been tested. Among those, 26 engineering were rated in A+ grade, 191 in A grade, 45 in B grade, and 26 in C grade which meant unqualified. Most of unqualified engineering were the degree of compaction and thickness of asphalt concrete did not meet the requirement standard. According the results of testing, most of reduction rates fell in the range of 0.89≧X≧0.6. Furthermore, the relationship between engineering reduction rate and quality was analyzed. The result showed that, the ratio of unqualified engineering is higher when the reduction rate is less than 0.6. This means that, the price competition will lead to the low quality of the construction.
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