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標題: The Satisfying Survey of the System for Sports Competition between Departments in University: A Case Study of Chung Hsing University
作者: Yee-Tong Ku
Kuo-Hsiu Hong
Chin-Fa Chen
關鍵字: 運動
Sortition System
Tournament Scheduling
摘要: The purpose of this study was to integrate the related information, sign up system, sortition system, schedule and result for the sports games. We hope to design a system based on the need derived from the current competition for sports and its correlated administrative management. Moreover, this system is suitable for the competition between different departments of all universities. We will collect the opinion of this system from professional, and try to apply it within the competition held in Chung Hsing University. Besides, we would conduct polls and evaluations of the competitions from the participants and regard it as a reference for improvement. The results showed that (1) 76% of the participants approve the layout of this system, (2) 76% of the participants approve the design of this system, (3) 83% of the participants approve the design of the operational interface of this system. These conclude that the usage of this system is highly recommended. We can use some improvement to overcome the glitch found in this system. People can handle the affairs of sport competition easily with this system in the future.
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