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標題: 從知識論探討洛克[John Locke]的經驗說
An Inquiry into John Locke's Theory of Experience from Epistemological Approach
作者: 呂宗麟
關鍵字: 知識論
John Locke
摘要: 英儒洛克(John Locke, 1632-1704) 是近代西洋哲學史上首先發展蘊涵在笛卡兒 (Rene' Descrated, 1596-1650) 中的意見,即哲學應始於知識論,並對人類認識能力進行考察 ;因此在洛克「人類理解論」一書中,先辯明人們認知力的範圍,就成為該書探討的主題,本 文嘗試以洛克的經驗說為研究的核心,冀希對廓清理性主義者之天賦說的論點,應有對比性的 作用。
British philosopher John Locke (1632-1704) is the first one in the mod ern west history of philosophy who developed the concept consited by Rene' Descrates (1596-1650) Viewpoints originally, that is philosophy should start with knowledge and also should survey human's ability for understanding. The point that define the limit of human recognition first has become the main theme of the book 《 An Essay Concerning Human Understanding 》 and it can do some contribution to clarify and raised by rationalist.
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