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標題: A study on the characteristics of the seismic signal induced by slope erosion and landslide
作者: 俞佳成
Chia-cheng Yu
關鍵字: 崩塌
landslide dam
seismic signal
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摘要: 滑動的發生往往伴隨著震動訊號的產生。本論文利用此特性,建立大型人工邊坡模型與人工堰塞壩,利用人工堰塞霸潰壩後之洪水沖蝕邊坡坡趾, 使邊坡發生崩塌,並利用加速度規收集崩塌後所產生之震動訊號。研究利用Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT ) 分析並繪製時頻圖。根據時頻圖對應崩塌事件探討頻率與崩塌形式的關聯性。另外,本論文製造人為崩塌產生震動訊號,並利用HHT分析繪製時頻圖。將分析後之結果與沖蝕試驗之結果比較分析。本研究也利用電位感測器量測崩塌時邊坡內部土體電位變化情形,並利用HHT分析得到電位變化趨勢,根據變化趨勢對應崩塌事件探討電位變化與崩塌之關聯性。
Landslides always induce seismic signals. To study the characteristic of the seismic signals induced by landslide, we built a large-scale model soil slope and an artificial landslide dam for testing. The overtopping water eroded the model slope when the artificial landslide dam breached. We installed accelerometers on the model soil slope to collect seismic signals during the tests. The seismic signals were analyzed using Hilbert-Huang Transform to obtain time-frequency spectrograms. From the spectrograms we can identify the timings when the model slope slid. In addition, the frequency contents of the collapsing events were compared and discussed. In addition, in this study we created the artificial landslide. The landslide generates produced seismic signals that were analyzed using Hilbert-Huang Transform to obtain time-frequency spectrograms. We will compare this result with the erosion test. The study used electric potential sensor to collect the electric potential variation of the slop .We used the HHT to analyze the trend of electric potential. The study discussed the relation of the landslide with the electric potential variation.
其他識別: U0005-2811201416191635
文章公開時間: 10000-01-01
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