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標題: Design of a Tube-Climbing Robot
作者: Cheng-Yueh Chung
關鍵字: 爬管機器人
Motor position control
Omni wheel
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摘要: 本研究完成開發新式爬管機器人,以鋁擠型結構樑、拉伸彈簧、齒輪等機械組件建構機器人機構,並結合KNR控制器、個人電腦、直流馬達、萬向輪等設備,軟體部分則運用LabVIEW圖控軟體撰寫測試與控制程式。本研究主要著重於馬達控制系統與機器人機構設計,首先以PWM與PID方法控制馬達定位,其後以力學方法討論機器人機構設計,並提出機構調整方針。機器人測試實驗分為室內測試與戶外測試,室內測試以直徑26 cm之水管為待爬物,於水管表面黏貼軟木皮,模仿戶外樹幹,測試機器人爬升、靜置、下降等功能;戶外部分,以大王椰子樹幹為待爬物,實驗流程與室內實驗相同。實驗結果顯示,機器人可順利完成所有測試動作,可爬升至離地面3 m高處。
This study developed a new-type of tube-climbing robot. The tube-climbing robot combines a KNR, a personal computer, DC motors, Omni wheels, aluminum frame, extension strings, spur gears, and some machine components. In the communication system part, all devices can be connected through a LabVIEW program. Designing the robot control system and the mechanism were emphasized in this paper. A PWM and a PID controller were applied in motor position control. Furthermore, the mechanics of robot mechanism was analyzed. Accordingly, the strategies for adjustment of robot structure was proposed. The experiments were carried out indoors as well outdoors. In indoor tests, a PVC tube (26 cm of diameter) wrapped around with a layer of cork was used. Three basic motions of robot - climbing up, climbing down, and staying on a tube - were investigated. In outdoor tests, to the robot was guided to climb along the royal palm trunk. Similarly, three motions were investigated. The results showed that tube-climbing robot could accomplish all testing motions and it was also able to climb up to 3 meters high from the ground.
其他識別: U0005-2811201416184127
文章公開時間: 2015-08-31
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