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標題: Impact of different materials application on the behavior of phosphorus in high phosphorus accumulation of calcareous soils.
作者: Chia-Hung Lin
關鍵字: calcareous soils
ameliorated method
phosphorus mobility and utilization
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摘要: High pH and the presence of CaCO3 usually result in strong fixation by soil and low availability of phosphorus (P) in calcareous soils. Due to P is difficult to move in the soil, and farmers are accustomed to apply fertilizer by broadcast, so phosphate is usually enriched in surface soil. In addition to low rate of P fertilizer utilization, the eutrophication of surface water is often caused through the soil erosion. It is necessary to promote downward movement of enriched P and increase the utilization of P fertilizer by suitable strategies. Two different calcareous soils with varying CaCO3 content were selected in this study, including Shetou soil and Chunliao soil. Three incubation tests and one leaching column study were to (1) evaluate the effects of different materials addition on the availability of P in Shetou soil, including meal, rice husk ash, potassium humate, composted pig manure, composted sugarcane waste, sulfur (S) and citric acid; (2) study availability of P in high-P Chunliao soil affected by different materials with time, including meal, rice husk ash, potassium humate, composted pig manure, composted sugarcane waste, sulfur and citric acid. In addition, a column leaching experiment was used to investigate the mobility and availability of P along soil profile by six ameliorating methods, including: meal, rice husk ash, potassium humate, composted sugarcane waste and citric acid were mixed in the 0-8 cm hight of high-P Chunliao soil separately, 8 cm hight of high-P Chunliao soil mixed with 12 cm hight of Chunliao subsoil. Results showed that the contents of solution-P with materials addition all increased in Shetou soil except composted sugarcane waste and sulfur. The net increase of P release was found in the treatment of citric acid addition due to its low P content. In addition, the contents of Olsen-P and Resin-P of Shetou soil were increased by materials addition except potassium humate, composted sugarcane waste and sulfur, and the net increase of P release was found in citric acid treatment due to its low P content. The results also showed that the treatment of rice hush ash addition had higher capacity in increasing solution P content due to its low P content, followed by the treatment with S addition. Higher increase in the contents of Olsen-P and Resin-P also found in rice hush ash treatment due to its low P content, followed by citric acid treatment. The results at leaching study showed that the organic materials addition could improve the water infiltration and drainage situation of the soils except citric acid addition. Adding Rice husk ash, potassium humate and composted sugarcane waste were relatively better in promoting P downmoving and availabilities than the treatment that mixed high-P topsoil with subsoil within 20 cm depth, especially in the treatments of rice hush ash and composted sugarcane waste addition in the topsoil.
石灰質土壤中因含碳酸鈣,及高pH值之原因,導致磷易被土壤固定,而使其有效性降低。磷在土壤中不易移動,且農友習慣以撒施方式施肥,故磷常富集於表土,除磷肥利用率低外,易經由表土流失而造成地表水優養化作用。如何以改良方式促進表土富集磷之石灰質土壤的磷往下移動和增進磷肥利用率,實值得探究。本試驗選取不同碳酸鈣含量之兩種石灰質土壤 (社頭土壤和圳寮土壤),進行培育或淋洗試驗以 (1) 評估不同資材之添加 (粕類、稻殼灰、腐植酸鉀、豬糞堆肥、蔗渣堆肥、硫磺和檸檬酸) 對社頭土壤磷有效性的影響;(2) 探討不同資材之添加 (粕類、稻殼灰、腐植酸鉀、豬糞堆肥、蔗渣堆肥、硫磺和檸檬酸) 對高磷圳寮土壤磷有效性隨時間的變化影響。另,以管柱淋洗方式探討六種改良方式對磷在土壤剖面移動及有效性的影響;包括分別將粕類、稻殼灰、腐植酸鉀、蔗渣堆肥、檸檬酸添加到管柱上層之高磷圳寮土壤及將高磷表土與下層土壤 (8-20 cm) 混合處理者,每處理三重復。培育試驗結果顯示,除蔗渣堆肥及硫磺外,其他資材之添加均顯著提升社頭土壤溶液磷濃度。檸檬酸加入磷量最低,故磷釋出的淨增進效果較佳。除腐植酸鉀、蔗渣堆肥和硫磺外,其他資材之添加均顯著增進社頭土壤Olsen-P和陰離子交換樹脂磷含量,而檸檬酸加入磷量最低,故磷釋出的淨增進效果較佳。結果亦顯示,由於隨稻殼灰和硫磺加入磷量較低,故稻殼灰之添加在增進圳寮高磷土壤溶液磷淨釋出量較高,而硫磺次之,且稻殼灰增進土壤Olsen-P和陰離子交換樹脂磷的效果最佳,而檸檬酸次之。淋洗試驗結果顯示,除檸檬酸處理外,有機資材的添加均有助於水在剖面入滲及改善排水狀況。添加稻殼灰、腐植酸鉀和蔗渣堆肥,在增進磷往下移動及有效性的效果相對較佳,且這些資材土表添加的效果優於將高磷表土與下層土壤 (8-20 cm) 混合處理者;尤其是以表面施用稻殼灰和蔗渣堆肥。
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