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標題: A Nonlinear Numerical Solution for Burgers' Equation
Burgers 方程的非線性數值解
作者: 蕭智維
Chih-Wei Hsiao
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摘要: In this thesis, we present two discretization methods for solving Burgers' Equa-tion. By using linear methods, we modify the Crank-Nicolson method by replacing unknown non-linear terms of Burgers' Equation with known ones. In non-linear way, we propose Crank-Nicolson with Newton GMRES method to solve Burgers' Equation. And we take some comparisons of results of these two methods. Both methods get good approximations for Burgers' Equation.
本論文呈現兩種解 Burgers 方程的離散方法。在線性方法中,藉由已知項替換Burgers 方程的未知非線性項,修改了 Crank-Nicolson 法。在非線性方法中,我們提出結合 Crank-Nicolson 與牛頓 GMRES 的方法解 Burgers 方程,並且比較兩種方法的結果。兩種方法對於 Burgers 方程都有良好的近似解。
文章公開時間: 2017-07-16
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