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標題: Structural and Optical Characterization of GaN deposited on (111) Si using Er2O3/Gd2O3 buffer layer
作者: Ko-Ying Lo
關鍵字: X光繞射
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摘要: 本論文主要藉由X光雙晶繞射曲線(DCXRC),高解析穿透式電子顯微術(HR-TEM),及光激螢光能譜(PL),探討生長於氧化鉺/氧化釓緩衝層(111)面矽基板上氮化鎵薄膜結構與光學特性之研究。藉由比較氮化鎵的對稱面(0002)平面與非對稱面(11 ¯02)及(12 ¯12)平面的DCXRC訊號,發現生長於氧化鉺/氧化釓緩衝層(111)面矽基板上氮化鎵薄膜有較多屬於a型的貫穿式差排。再由DCXRC的半高寬(FWHM)顯示出,氮化鎵(11 ¯02)及(12 ¯12)平面其平面與平面之間的變形,主要來自於柏格向量具備1/3 <12 ¯10>分量之a型及a+c型貫穿式差排所貢獻。藉由TEM影像消失準則分析研究觀察到薄膜內部的差排缺陷分布及型態。HRTEM更進一步觀察生長於氧化鉺/氧化釓緩衝層(111)面矽基板上靠近氮化鎵-氧化物介面附近之氮化鎵薄膜,有明顯的Frankel部分差排存在,這顯示靠近異質界面之氮化鎵有很多疊差形成。最後由常溫及低溫PL能譜指出用氧化鉺/氧化釓緩衝層可以達到高品質的氮化鎵薄膜。
The structural and optical characteristics of GaN film deposited on Er2O3/Gd2O3-coated (111) Si were studied using double-crystal x-ray rocking curve (DCXRC), high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) and photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy in this thesis. By comparing the DCXRC signals of (11 ¯02)GaN and (12 ¯12)GaN asymmetric planes and (0002) GaN symmetric plane, respectively, it was found that, most of the TDs in GaN of the GaN/ Er2O3/Gd2O3/(111)Si sample are type a TDs in nature. Based on the results of DCXRC studies, it is believed that the FWHM of (11 ¯02)GaN and (12 ¯12)GaN asymmetric planes are primarily due to the contributions of the 1/3 <12 ¯10>GaN components of the Burgers vectors of type a and type c+a TDs on the interplanar spacing distortions of (11 ¯02)GaN and (12 ¯12)GaN planes in GaN of the GaN/ Er2O3/Gd2O3/(111)Si sample. Using invisibility criterion g ∙ b = 0, various types of dislocations in GaN film were further identify. HRTEM observations revealed the presence of extrinsic SFs and Frankel PDs in GaN near the GaN/ Er2O3/Gd2O3 hetero-interface. Strong PL emissions indicate that high quality GaN can be achieved by employing certain optimized Er2O3/Gd2O3 buffer layer structures.
文章公開時間: 2015-12-16
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