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標題: Web Service 的圖形化除錯機制
A GUI-based Debugging Mechanism for Web Service
作者: Chih-Yin Chien
關鍵字: eb Service
HTTP Header
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摘要: Web Service applies as an inter-medium of product integration and functions on data exchanging in enterprise environments. But in a daily application, it is not easy to identify the real root cause of the problem. The only signal that user can know is 'unreachable' or 'disconnection'. If the failed function is built on the software A (B), the problem is passed to the maintainer of software A (B). However, the problem may not caused by software A (B), but is due to software (B) or is simply due to network disconnection. Passing the problem bindly to either the maintainer of software A or B just increase time waste and dealing difficulites on operators. To address this issue, this thesis proposed middle-ware solution. We add an client again and a sever agent that both intercept, relay, and log requests between client and server. Through the logging mechanim, the logged database can be a traceable resouces to send GUI status code as a reference debug mechanism. This thesis also changes the visble codes on Internet into encryption code. This mechanism will be benefit to original Web Service software without modifying software codes and cover by our new safty mechamism.
Web Service 廣泛應用作為產品整合的媒介,在眾多的軟體整合時,常被企業使用於彼此間資料的傳遞或功能的串接,但是往往於產品上線後,遇到環境問題時,第一線接觸問題的人員無法快速辨別出問題方,而唯一可以知道的是現在不能使用某個功能,如果這個功能建置在A軟體上,則直接反映給A產品,反之,如果於B軟體上,則反映給B產品人員,但這樣的方式有可能導致許多不必要的時間浪費,因為往往許多環境問題,並非由單一產品所產生,可能只是簡單的網路問題或Web Server重起即可;而為了快速釐清諸如此類的問題,本論文嘗試使用代理傳遞的方式,將原先請求端與目的端的傳輸,改為透過本研究方法來傳送資料,並藉由錯誤稽核機制,將其傳輸的過程記錄於資料庫內,並提供後續圖形化介面來顯示資料傳送狀況,用以輔助作為一種除錯的機制及依據。此外,原先資料傳遞方式有可能造成資訊暴露在不安全的環境上,所以本論文也會嘗試使用加密的方式,讓原先提供 Web Service 的軟體,可以在不經重新異動程式碼下,直接被我們所設定的安全機制所包覆。
其他識別: U0005-1808201515501000
文章公開時間: 10000-01-01
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