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標題: 一個低儲存空間成本的多擁有者資料完整性公開驗證機制
A Low Storage Overhead Public Verification Scheme on the Integrity of Multi-Owner Data
作者: Yu-An Chen
關鍵字: data integrity
provable data possession
cloud storage
public verification
outsoueced storage
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摘要: Since the rise of cloud computing, there are more and more people dedicate to the study of security in cloud storage in order to ensure the integrity of the stored data. But most of these researches are for single data owner, few of them consider the cases of shared data. Wang et al. are the first to propose public verification on the integrity of multi-owner data in the cloud. We analysis Wang et al.'s scheme and show that it can not resist malicious cloud server from tampering or deleting user's data. Also, verifiable tags and file are at the same size. So, cloud server needs to spend twice of the space to store the verifiable tags and file. In this thesis, we propose a low storage overhead public verification scheme on the integrity of multi-owner data. And we solve the security problem and reduce the size of verifiable tags. Based on the 'user-pays' principle in cloud storage, our scheme can reduce user's cost, too.
其他識別: U0005-1307201516074400
文章公開時間: 2018-07-16
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