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標題: 波浪通過系列潛堤之布拉格反射研究
Study on Bragg Reflection of Waves by the Series of Submerged Breakwaters
作者: 劉儀邦
Yi-Bang Liu
關鍵字: Bragg
the series of breakwaters
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摘要: 本研究旨在使用數值方法模擬波浪發生布拉格反射時作用於孔隙系列潛堤的波、流場變化,並探討波浪反射率及波浪通過潛堤後之渦度、紊流能量與消散變化特性。數值模擬係藉由FLOW-3D以質量及動量方程式與標準 紊流模式為基礎,使用有限差分法配合FAVOR處理技術及流體體積法模擬計算。 本文先以前人之試驗驗證數值模式之精度,包括孤立波通過孔隙潛堤時的流場和Cn波的波、流場。再將此數值模式模擬前人所做之人工系列潛堤的試驗,並讓所有模擬波浪條件皆滿足布拉格反射潛堤間距S等於入射波浪半波長的共振條件,固定水深h、波高H,探討改變週期T時波浪通過系列潛堤所發生的波、流場及波浪通過潛堤後之渦度、紊流能量與消散變化特性,最後再加以討論滿足布拉格反射條件下隨著週期改變的反射率、透射率及能量損失的變化。而從模擬結果發現在滿足布拉格反射條件下隨著週期的變大,能損會隨之變大。反射率也會隨著週期的改變而變動,在本研究的研究條件中隨著週期的變大,反射率值呈現出先變大再變小的趨勢。
The purpose of this paper is to investigate numerically the wave and flow characteristics of the Bragg reflection of Waves by the series of submerged breakwaters with wave chamber, including wave reflection, vortices, turbulent energy and dissipation. A computational fluid dynamic model, Flow-3D, was applied to the numerical simulation based on the three-dimensional RANS equation associated with the standard turbulent model. It is based on the finite difference method with the use of technology of FAVOR and the volume of fluid method processing calculations. This article first test to verify the accuracy of previous numerical model of the person, including the flow field of the solitary wave passed by the porosity submerged breakwaters and Cnoidal wave. Then this numerical model simulation made of artificial previous test the series of submerged breakwater and allow all the wave conditions are satisfied with Bragg reflection of the incident wave resonance condition ; the spacing of the breakwaters S is equal to half the wavelength. Fixed with depth h and wave height H, to explore the flow field of the wave through the series of submerged breakwaters and the vorticity, turbulent energy and dissipation characteristics change of the wave passed by the series of submerged breakwaters , changing the period T. Finally discussing the conditions under Bragg reflection period with the change in reflectivity, and the change in transmission and energy loss. From simulation results under the condition of satisfied with Bragg reflection with the period of change, energy loss would be bigger. The conditions in this study with the change of period the reflectivity will change , and the trends will be larger in smaller.
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文章公開時間: 2018-08-28
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