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標題: 人類群聚傾向於建築逃生出口規劃模式之探討
Particle Swarm Simulation of Escape Movement in the Exiting Design
作者: 莊家榮
Chia Jung Chuang
關鍵字: dependence
Particle Swamp Optimization
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摘要: 台灣史上幾起重大火災造成嚴重死傷的案件,幾乎都是民眾只知單一出口,當出口處已被火攻陷,則造成逃生無門之窘境。因此對於一般住家或是公共場所政府相關單位均再三宣導任一居室必須有兩個出口以上,並且強調逃生出口處不要堆積雜物及不上鎖,避免發生災害時逃生受阻礙。 一般群眾避難逃生時的行為,都會出現群聚的效應的依賴性性格,這種類型的行為表現,主要是讓別人替他作重要事情的決定,或是跟隨群體的行動來行動,特別是緊急避難逃生決策時,依賴性強的人會倚賴群體的行動;但如果是受過避難逃生訓練的人,則會有較強的主見,自己找尋出口,但是也可能因為主見強,沒有參考其他對象,反而需要花更多的時間才能找到出口。 由於粒子群演算法(Particle Swarm Optimization,PSO)之最佳化演算法技術,主要藉著觀察水中魚群或空中鳥群作群體活動的動物行為作為構想。藉由個體間相互傳遞的訊息與群體共享的概念,對整體作出更好的行為修正,逕由模擬隨機個體組成之群體以及個體之間的資訊傳遞演化過程來完成最佳解之預測。在此乃利用粒子群最佳化演算法的方法,進行群眾避難逃生時的行為模擬,並針對建築物避難逃生出口數對避難時間的影響進行探討。
Among some of the most serious and fatal fire accidents in Taiwan, the majority of citizens could recognize only one exit when realizing they were stuck with no more possibilities to find other available emergency exit due to the capturing of the fire at the exit. Therefore the government authorities repeatedly advocate that residence bedrooms and public locations must hold two or more exits and that to avoid difficulties to escape from the deadly fire, there should be no accumulations of debris and trash, and exit doors should not be locked in any situation. The optimal algorithm of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) takes advantage of the concept of fish population in water or bird flock in sky. The group action can be remodeled by means of communication among individuals and by means of idea contribution to group. The prediction of the optimal solution can be gained by the assimilation of random combinations of individuals and by the optimal procedures of individual communication. Thus, the purpose of this study is to investigate the assimilation model of normal people's behaviors during evacuation and escaping. Furthermore, the study also aims to explore the correlation between the number of emergency exits and the evacuation time.
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