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標題: 剪力因子於結構組件與等值柱假設之挫屈影響
Buckling behavior of the structural element and analogous column considering shear effect
作者: 陳昱廷
Yu-Ting Chen
關鍵字: stiffness matrix
particle swarm optimization
boundary conditions
buckling load
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摘要: 本文乃研究結構構件模型與等值結構系統之等值寬柱模型含剪力及軸力因子之桿件的穩定性及其比較。運用結構矩陣建立出含剪力及軸力因子之勁度矩陣,進而利用粒子群最佳化演算法來處理受壓構件含剪力變形效應在各種邊界條件下的彈性臨界挫屈載重,並且比較兩者模型在穩定性上的安全考量。 結論顯示,若使用等值寬柱設計時,剪力變形效應會影響彈性臨界挫屈載重較原結構桿件大,且會使結構桿件在穩定性上不保守,有挫屈之疑慮。
This thesis is the study of the structural element and the analogous column of the structure system with shearing deformation and axial deformation of stability and comparison. Using the structure matrix analysis to deduce stiffness matrix containing shearing deformation and axial deformation, and thus the use of particle swarm optimization algorithm to handle compression element with shear deformation effect under various boundary conditions of the elastic critical buckling load, and compare both models in the stability of the security considerations. Conclusions show that if the use of the analogous column design, shearing deformation effect will affect the elastic critical buckling load larger original structure element, structural element causes the stability is not conservative, there are doubts buckled.
其他識別: U0005-2105201509504400
文章公開時間: 2018-07-15
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