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標題: 應用在毫米波頻段發送端電路之研製
Research on Transmitter Circuits for Millimeter Wave Applications
作者: 陳孟汛
Meng-Syun Chen
關鍵字: power amplifier
Voltage controlled oscillator
power combination
Mrachand balun
Coplanar Waveguide
on-chip Transformer
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摘要: This thesis goal is to design the related circuits for transmitter application using TSMC RF CMOS 180 nm and RF CMOS 90nm technologies. The corresponding sub-circuits include power amplifier, mixer, voltage controlled oscillator. The power amplifiers are design for various design considerations. Two amplifiers use transformer combination , measurement shows that the output power is 22 dBm and PAE is 15%.Moreover, voltage controlled oscillator is implemented for 24GHz radar application, measured results show the phase noise is -104.9 dBc/Hz @1 MHz frequency offset, tuning range is from 23.84 to 26.25 GHz. Moreover, the power amplifier uses the stack-transistor structure to construct the Marchand Balun for power combination. The measurement demonstrates that the OP1dB is 22.6 dBm and output power is 25 dBm ,PAE is 12.8 %. The up-conversion mixer is to achieve a high linearity performance. Measurements show the OP1dB is -6.05 dB and OIP3 is 3.5dBm. Finally, a V-band power combination amplifier is design to achieve high linearity using CMOS 90 nm technology. Measurements show that the output power is 11.2dBm and OP1dB is 13.6dBm in the frequencies range of 55 GHz ~70 GHz.
本論文主要是對發送端電路做研究設計,並利用國家晶片中心所提供的TSMC RF CMOS 180nm以及TSMC RF CMOS 90nm製程技術,在 IEEE 802.11ac、24GHz雷達、V-band等頻段,做子電路的設計與製作,主要設計射頻發射機子電路為射頻功率放大器、混頻器、壓控振盪器等電路。 首先論文的第一章會針對無線區域網路、車用防撞雷達、短距離無線通訊做簡單的介紹,第二章簡單敘述功率放大器的各種設計考量以及功率放大器的分類作介紹。接著是5.6GHz功率放大器的電路設計與量測結果,將兩個放大器,由變壓器做組合,得到輸出功率22dBm和PAE為15%左右。第三章介紹24GHz雷達發送端子電路設計,壓控震盪器部分,量測結果FOM可達-183.6dBc/Hz,相位雜訊約-104.9dBc/Hz@1MHz frequency offset,調變範圍 23.84~26.25GHz約2.4GHz,而在功率放大器的部分,利用堆疊型電晶體架構與Marchand Balun做功率組合來達到高輸出功率,在OP1dB點功率可達22.6dBm則輸出飽和功率可達25dBm,PAE也還有12.8%。接著是升頻混頻器的設計,設計架構上,以高線性度為目的,在量測結果中,OP1dB有-6.05dB,OIP3約3.5dBm。第四章為V-band的功率組合放大器設計,由CMOS 90 nm製程實現,輸出端利用電流組合技術,將輸出飽和功率從55GHz~70GHz的OP1dB量測結果都有11dBm以上,第五章為論文總結。
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