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標題: 運用Regularized LS 估計法於OFDM系統的通道估測處理之效能分析
Performance analysis of channel estimation in OFDM systems using the Regularized LS method
作者: 陳邑彰
Yi-Chang Chen
關鍵字: Regularized LS method
OFDM system
Regularized LS 估計法
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摘要: In this thesis, an improved algorithm is proposed. The Regularized LS method incorporates the known information from pilots, and the latest channel information to generate improved channel estimation results than the standard LS method. However, when the number of transmission symbols increases, the benefit obtained from preamble will be reduced, and, the performance improvement of the regularized LS method will also be gradually decreased. We therefore analyze the convergent behavior to facilitate its comparison with the standard LS method. When the statistical properties of the LS method MSE and channel temporal correlation are known, we can find the converged MSE performance. Base on this result, we can find the performance of the regularized LS method in different OFDM systems, including the 802.11 and LTE systems. Simulation results demonstrate the validity of the proposed method and its performance analysis.
在本篇論文中,我們提出一種演算法的改進,Regularized LS 估計法結合已知的領航訊號上的資訊和最新的通道資訊,來產生比標準LS估計法還要準確的通道估計結果。然而隨著傳輸symbol數的增加,利用 preamble 產生較準確的通道資訊所獲得的好處會逐漸減小,而且regularized LS估計法的效能改善也會逐漸減少。因此,我們藉由收斂分析以便於和標準LS估計法作比較,當通道在時間上的相關性和LS估計法的估計誤差在我們所提出的方法中為已知,我們就可以找到估計誤差的收斂效能。基於這個結果,我們可以找出不同OFDM系統中regularized LS估計法的效能,包括802.11和LTE系統。模擬結果說明了我們提出的方法是合理的以及其效能分析。
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文章公開時間: 2016-08-27
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