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標題: 八位元每秒二十六億次時序交錯連續逼近暫存式類比數位轉換器之校正
Calibration of a 2.6GS/s 8 bits Time-interleaved SAR ADC
作者: 蔡秉均
Bing-Jun Tsai
關鍵字: SAR ADC
timing skew calibration
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摘要: This thesis presents a Time-interleaved successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with timing skew calibration. For upgrading the sampling rate of ADC, we choose the architecture of time-interleaved, but the architecture of time-interleaved also brings on three mismatch : timing skew, gain error, and offset error. So we use timing skew calibration circuits to cancel the bad effect of time-interleaved. This Time-interleaved SAR ADC chip was fabricated under TSMC 90nm GUTM. Before calibrations, it was measured 4.7bits at low input frequency and 2.69bits at high input frequency, after offset & timing skew calibration, it was became 5.0 bits at low input frequency and 4.38 bits at high input frequency. The measured power consumption is 158mW, and the FOM is 3404 fJ/conversion-step.
本論文呈現一時序交錯連續逼近式類比數位轉換器並加入時脈偏移校正,採用時序交錯的架構,目的是為了提升取樣頻率,但因著時序交錯式的架構會帶來三種典型的mismatch:時脈偏移(Timing skew),增益誤差(Gain error)和偏移誤差(Offset error)。所以我們加入時脈偏移校正電路,以挽救時序交錯式架構所帶來不好的影響。 在TSMC 90nm GUTM製程下,Time-interleaved SAR ADC未校正前,量測低頻4.7bits,高頻2.69bits,經過Offset&Timing skew的校正後,量測低頻5.01bits,高頻4.38bits。功耗為158mW,FOM為3404fJ/conversion-step。
其他識別: U0005-2508201511534900
文章公開時間: 2018-08-27
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