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標題: LTE-A小型基地台網路之聯合無線資源管理貪婪演算法
A Greedy Algorithm for Joint Radio Resource Management in LTE-A Small Cell Networks
作者: 于思耘
Si-Yun Yu
關鍵字: LTE-A
Small Cell
Proportional Fair
Greedy Algorithm
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摘要: With the development of wireless network technology, 4G mobile phone users have increased gradually in recent years. Particularly, the standards of 4G have been defined by IMT-Advanced from International Union, which enjoy high frequency bands, high transmission rates, high quality services as well as being compatible with fixed networks. Therefore, how to fairly allocate radio resources to users while maintaining the maximum throughput of the whole system is an important issue. In this thesis, we investigate how to management radio resources fairly in the downlink transmission of the LTE-A small-cell network to maximize the system throughput. More explicitly, we formulate the above scenario as an optimization problem and then maximize the total user utility for each allocation based on the concept of Proportional Fairness. Moreover, we find the near-optimal solution by a greedy algorithm. Finally, we compare our method with two previous algorithms to verify the performance of our method, by carrying out several simulation experiments with different distributions of users in the service area of each small cell.
由於無線網路技術的發達,近年來使用4G手機的使用者逐漸提升,而4G標準則是根據國際電信聯盟(ITU) 的IMT-Advanced所定義,其具有高頻寬、高傳輸速度以及高品質行動服務等特性,並相容於現有的固定式網路,因此如何在4G無線網路上公平地分配使用者的資源來最佳化系統效能便成為了一個重要的課題。 本篇論文為探討4G之長期演化技術進階版(LTE-A)的下行鏈路在小型基地台(Small Cell)的系統下,如何公平地管理有限的無線資源,使得系統的整體吞吐量最大化。明確的說明,我們將複雜的系統資源分配模型以數學公式表示,並參考比例公平排程機制,計算每個分配產生的效用(Utility),並考量各小型基地台內使用者的分佈情況,以貪婪演算法求出資源分配的最佳解,以達到系統吞吐量的最大化。最後,我們也進行模擬實驗來探討我們所提出的方法與先前的方法相比,是否能夠有效的提升系統吞吐量。
其他識別: U0005-1808201515130300
文章公開時間: 10000-01-01
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