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標題: Clamped-Edge Bimorph Disk Type Piezoelectric Transformer
作者: 吳敬強
Hadi Gunawan
關鍵字: piezoelectric transformer
bimorph disk
electromechanical modeling
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摘要: This study provides an experiment about clamped edge bimorph piezoelectric disk with annular electrode as a transformer. The transformer structure consisted of two identical piezoelectric layers with annular shape on exposed electrodes where the outer diameter of the electrode is the same as the diameter of the structure, having equal thickness, isolated by insulating material and clamped completely on the edge of piezoelectric layers. The first piezoelectric layer serves as actuator and the second one serves as sensor. A sinusoidal wave is generated on actuating layer which vibrates the transformer and converts an electrical energy into mechanical energy at the actuator and vice-versa at the sensor. The neutral axis of this structure is located at the centre of thickness direction which causes one of the piezoelectric layers under tensile stress and the other under compressive stress so that no electric charges will be neutralized when vibration. A theoretical analysis has been developed by using equilibrium of moment to achieve the governing equation and also the resonance frequency of the transformer. An electromechanical model is derived to analyze the electrical characteristic of the transformer. The resulting equations are further reduced to the first resonance frequency case. Voltage, current, and output power are presented. Inner diameter of annular electrode, diameter and thickness of the structure will affect voltage ratio. When the inner diameter of actuating electrode approaches to zero (electrode becomes circular shape), it achieves optimal actuating moment and reach maximum output voltage at the first resonance frequency excitation. On the contrary, the output voltage reaches its minimum value when the inner diameter of sensing electrode approaches to zero. In addition, finite element method is used to support and verify the experimental results. As the goal, the error between analytical and experimental values should be smaller than 10%.
本論文提出並研究邊緣固定式雙層圓盤壓電變壓器,此變壓器之結構以兩層相同的壓電材料與環狀電極設計於外露之表面,外徑電極的尺寸與結構之直徑相同,兩層壓電層具有同樣的厚度而兩者之間絕緣,並此壓電層之邊緣完全被固定住。 第一層之壓電層作為一致動器而另外一層作為一感測器。當正弦波輸入到致動層時激動了變壓器將電能轉換成機械能而相反的在感測層將機械能轉回電能。 此結構中性軸之位置剛好在解構厚度之正中央導致其中壓電層受拉應力而另外一層受壓應力,因此產生之電荷不會互相抵消。理論分析以力矩帄衡方程式去推導可得到變壓器之控制方程式以及共振頻率。 以機電偶合模型之推導進行變壓器的電特性分析。將推導得到的方程式簡化成只考慮在第一諧振共振時之狀況,並且得到電壓、電流以及輸出功率等結果而發現內徑環狀電極、結構之直徑和厚度都會影響變壓比。將變壓器致動在第一諧振頻率下,致動電極之內徑趨近於零時(電極變成圓狀)可以產生最佳之致動力矩而得到最大之輸出電壓。但,當感測電極之內徑趨近於零時輸出電壓反而達到最小值。 本研究也藉由有限元素法之輔助進行變壓器結構之模態分析來驗證實驗結果而最後數學模型以及詴驗值可以達到誤差小於 10%為目標。
文章公開時間: 2018-05-11
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