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標題: Fatigue Test and Stress Analysis of Variable Speed V-Belts
V 型傳動皮帶於變速度下之疲勞壽命研究
作者: 黃靖翔
Jing-Shyang Huang
關鍵字: V-belt
Speed ratio
Stress analysis
Fatigue life
Durability analysis
V 型皮帶
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摘要: Belt is a kind of flexible power transmission mechanism which is the one of most useful component in this world. When we want to choose a belt, we must be decided the power, speed, & the diameter of the pulley in use. Then, we can design it by the Technical Manual. In this manual, there are two kind of table with the power speed design, 'Power-speed table (basic)'&'Additional power with speed ratio', and the 'additional power with speed ratio' is now what we want. Until today, there are no way to make it without a lot of belt fatigue test piece by piece. This topic is based on mechanics theory to analyze the Variable speed V-belt, to find the relationship about the power increase and speed ratio. From the power speed equation, we can use the fatigue theory, to decide the speed ratio in the equation. Then, we can create the table easier and faster without a lot of repeated experiment.
皮帶是種柔性傳動機構,能夠有效率的在多變的狀況下有效的傳 遞能量,現今工業上使用中有著不可取代的地位。皮帶在一般實際使 用時會透過不同大小的皮帶輪來做各種不同的應用,在皮帶的設計上, 除了馬力與轉速外還要先決定皮帶輪尺寸,才能在皮帶設計的技術手 冊的馬力轉速圖表中決定其應該使用之規格。而馬力轉速圖表主要分 為兩個部分,一個是馬力、轉速與主動輪直徑關係的本表,另外一部 分則是記載馬力、轉速與速度比(主動輪與從動輪之比值)之關係之附表。 本論文將依據V 型皮帶之疲勞試驗與應力分析所提示,從力學的角度 來分析皮帶的運動方式,並結合疲勞壽命理論,取得在不同速度比下 的馬力轉速方程式,來加速完成馬力轉速圖表中附表之建立。
文章公開時間: 10000-01-01
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