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標題: The wheel abrasion measurement of automatic guide vehicle assisted with an image processing system
作者: 王紹義
Zhao-Yi Wang
關鍵字: AGV
machine vision
image process
the measurement of wheel abrasion
automatic guide vehicle
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摘要: The research 'the wheel abrasion for automatic guide vehicle assisted with an image processing system' develops a kind of fast and simple measurement mainly. Monitor the change of the wheel abrasion for automatic guide vehicle wheel in the factory of TFT-LCD. This system has untouchable, non-destructive, erect the system quickly which also not measures by the space limitation. And the light source of this system comes from the laser light source, so it can do the long distance measurement that different from measurement of shade law has distances restriction. The developed system mainly consists of a linear laser structure light、a CCD camera, Raspberry Pi computer, linear guide, dial indicator, a programmable image process and measurement. According to the pin camera model, perspective projection, world coordinate system and camera coordinate system transformation theorem, a correlation was investigated between the surface abrasion of the wheel measured with dial indicators instrument and the laser line intensity maximum projected onto the wheel surface. The abrasion value of the object can be calculated, base on the offset between the position projected onto the object and the position projected onto platform after carry out the calibration with different offset image. If the wheel surface is damaged, it can be detected. The developed system was applied to measure the wheel abrasion for automatic guide vehicle assisted. The wheel abrasion standard deviation was about 0.04mm. In addition, the position related to the damage of wheel surface could also detected by the developed system.
本文影像處理輔助無人搬運車走行輪磨耗量測,主要是在發展一種快速簡易非接觸式的量測方法,並以程式來監測薄膜電晶體液晶顯示器面板廠的無人搬運車走行輪表面的磨耗變化。利用光學量測的優勢,本系統有非接觸性、非破壞性、儀器架設快速、不受量測空間侷限等優點。且本系統的光源為雷射光源,因此可以做較長距離的量測,不同於陰影量測法有距離上的限制。 量測系統主要包括線型雷射結構光源、CCD攝影機與鏡頭、樹莓派單板機電腦、線性滑軌與滑塊、針盤指示量錶及自行撰寫影像處理與量測程式。根據針孔攝影機模型、透視投影及全域座標與攝影機座標系轉換原理得知,可由影像上雷射線的強度峰值評估輪子表面的磨耗量;利用不同位移量的影像之校驗結果,可由計算輪子表面與基準平面掃瞄線強度峰值的偏移量求出磨耗量。若輪子表面有破損時,也可以被檢測出來。 以本系統進行實例應用,在無人搬運車走行輪磨耗量與表面量測中,以百分表校驗磨耗結果,量測標準差0.04mm。另外,輪子表面破損情況也可以經由量測數據的差異量得知。
文章公開時間: 2015-07-15
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