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標題: 含磷多官能基環氧樹脂合成及其固化物之探討
Synthesis of phosphorus-containing multifunctional epoxy resin and thermal properties of the resulting thermosets
作者: Kun-Ling Tsai
關鍵字: Phosphorus-containing
Epoxy resin
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摘要: 我們基於實驗室所合成含磷量5%的單體P5,以及單體P5經由聚甲醛改質後的P5-N3,將之以鹼觸媒方式,與環氧氯丙烷反應後得到環氧化合物P5-EP以及P5-N3-EP。利用FTIR及NMR證明結構正確,並使用環氧當量滴定法確認環氧化合物的高純度。後續將之與amine、benzoxazine、phenol novolac三種類型的硬化劑進行交聯反應,最後測定硬化物的玻璃轉移溫度、熱膨脹係數、熱裂解溫度,並確認硬化物的UL-94試驗難燃等級。結果發現,P5-N3-EP系列的硬化物擁有較高的Tg、較高的焦炭殘餘率與優異的難燃性質。之所以會有此優異的性質,是因為單體P5-N3為兩個單體P5進行聚合,擁有較高的官能基數目,可以提高硬化物的交聯密度。
Based on phosphorus-containing polymer P5, and polymer P5-N3 which was prepared by P5 and polyformadehyde, we produced epoxy resins P5-EP and P5-N3-EP. The structures of P5-EP and P5-N3-EP were confirmed by FTIR and NMR spectra. By checking epoxy equivalent weight with theoretical value, we produced high purity epoxy resins. Then, P5-EP and P5-N3-EP were curing with amine、benzoxazine and phenol novolac. Properties such as glass transition temperature, coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal decomposition temperature, and flammability of the resulting epoxy thermosets were evaluated and compared with each other. Because of high epoxide functional group numbers , the resulting of P5-N3-EP thermoset shows high Tg, high char yield and excellent flame retardancy.
其他識別: U0005-2811201416191425
文章公開時間: 2017-08-31
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