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標題: 具電壓轉換效率改善的CMOS RF能量擷取系統設計
CMOS RF Energy Harvesting System with Improved Voltage Conversion Efficiency
作者: 巴拉
關鍵字: RF能量擷取系統
RF Energy Harvesting System
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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摘要: 現今而言,能量擷取系統的設計仍是一項艱鉅的任務,其可利用並擷取的能源包含有太陽能、壓電、震動能、熱能與射頻(RF)功率的擷取等。其中以射頻功率的擷取最相當具吸引力與挑戰性,因為它可直接從周圍空氣中擷取所需能量轉換成電能以供使用。 就能量擷取的難易度而言,射頻功率的擷取其可利用的來源遠低於其他種類,增加其設計上的困難度。在整體的設計電路中,包含有交流對直流(AC-DC Converter)轉換器、匹配電路及直流對直流升壓轉換器(DC-DC boost Converter)等,將輸出端電壓升壓至可供低功率可攜式裝置使用的電壓值。 射頻功率的擷取電路主要經由天線將空氣中的能量進行截擷取,並透過整流電路將空氣中低功率的訊號轉換成電壓極低的直流電壓,因此,為了使其電壓升壓至可利用的範圍,可在此電路的後端連接一個低電壓啟動的直流對直流升壓轉換器,以達到所需之電壓。 本論文所提出的系統電路採用台積電(TSMC)的0.18um 1P6M CMOS製程,並實現由128 uW作為起始功率的電路架構,當其5MΩ的為最大負載時,可提供相較於傳統架構較高的轉換效率,且其操作頻率為900MHz。
Energy Harvesting is a challenging task nowadays since there are many Energy harvesting techniques like solar, piezoelectric, vibration, thermal and so on RF energy harvesting has been attractive these days due to its ability to convert from ambient air into electrical Energy. The availability of RF Power is quite less compared to other kind of sources. It deals with designing the following blocks such as power conversion (AC-DC) unit , matching network and power management (DC-DC boost Converter) in order to charge some low power portable devices. In RF power harvesting circuit the energy from the RF is drawn by antenna which is converted to dc voltage through integrated rectifier circuit from the available low power ambient air which is very low at the end. Hence in order to increase the voltage a very low DC-DC integrated boost converter with low startup voltage is proposed. The proposed system is designed in TSMC 0.18um 1P6M CMOS technology which the circuits can startup with the feasible low power of 128uW. It can give the output voltage with the better efficiency over traditional circuit while driving maximum of 5MΩ resistive loading. It operates at frequency of 900MHZ.
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