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標題: Investigation of Ink Materials and Ink Jetting Process by using in Electrowetting Display
作者: Yu-Chun Huang
關鍵字: Electrowetting display
contact angle
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摘要: Electrowetting display is one of the well-know display. It has good properties of electric and optic and can decrease the energy lose .In recent years, the display is improved to save energy. Therefore, electrowetting display plays an important role in currently display improvement. One Drop Filling had been use in this paper. The advantage of this fabrication is the process of this fabrication is simple, the material cost in this fabrication is low, and the equipment of this fabrication is almost same as using in TFT-LCD. In this paper, chemical co-precipitation method is using to create the ink with nanocrystal. Which improves the OD value of the ink, the process time is reduced 16 hours, enhance the purity of the Fe3O4 and enhance the magnetic properties.Then, this ink is printing to substrate pixel to create light valve of electrowetting display.
電濕潤顯示器為目前受矚目的新穎顯示器之一,近年來國際間不斷提倡節省能源的觀念,因此,具有降低耗能和優異光、電特性的電濕潤顯示器就顯得格外重要。 本論文採用類 ODF 封裝製程,此製程特色在於製造程序簡單、原料成本低廉以及與 TFT-LCD 產線設備九成相容等優點,本論文以化學共沉澱法製備類 ODF 製程中所需之奈米粒油墨,其中改善了油墨的 OD 值、製程時間減少 16 小時、提升油墨中四氧化三鐵的純度以及提升了磁性。最後將奈米粒油墨應用在噴墨製程中,將其噴印在基板畫素中,即完成電濕潤光閥的製作。
文章公開時間: 10000-01-01
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