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標題: 矽鐵雙層薄膜之微結構及磁性質分析
The microstructure and magnetic characterization of Si/Fe bilayers
作者: 張仁宏
Jen-Hung Chang
關鍵字: 矽鐵雙層薄膜
Si/Fe bilayers
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摘要: In this study, dual ion beam sputtering system is adopted to prepare the Fe/Si films on silicon. The microstructure and magnetic properties of the Fe/Si films through ion beam bombardment for ten minutes have been studied. . In this experiment, X-ray diffraction analysis is used to confirm the lattice structure, and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis with cross-section , bright field , dark field is used to observe microstructure, composition and structure, including grain size, and film thickness. Result show that Fe/Si films are polycrystalline, Fe layer film is a BCC structure with a lattice constant of a=2.86 A, Si layer film is a FCC diamond structure with a lattice constant of a=5.42 A . Grain size of the thin film is estimated to be about 4~6nm. The measured by the magnetic properties of thin films indicates that at room temperature (298K) and low temperature (180K), easy axis of Fe/Si thin film plane is parallel to the applied magnetic field of 12 k Oe. The results show that is the coercive force at room temperature is 16 Oe, the exchange bias field is about 1.5 Oe and at low temperature, the coercive force is about 16 Oe, exchange bias field is about 2 Oe. At the room temperature or 180K, the Fe/Si film exhibit small coercive force and the exchange bias. Because the silicon film itself is not anti-ferromagnetic material, there is no obvious exchange coupling.
本研究主要為使用雙離子束的濺鍍系統,在二氧化矽基板上製備Fe/Si雙層薄膜,探討Fe/薄膜經離子濺鍍5分鐘還有Si 10分鐘後,使用各種測量儀器來分析薄膜的晶體微結構,並且深入探討磁性質的表現。 實驗利用X-ray繞射分析的圖形結果,來確認其晶格結構,並使用穿透式電子顯微鏡(TEM)拍攝出來的橫截面影響以及明暗視野做出結構分析、晶粒尺寸大小分布、薄膜厚度。並且用XRD結果進行驗證比對,實驗結果得知矽/鐵薄膜為多晶結構,鐵層薄膜為(BCC)結構,晶格參數為a=2.86 A,矽層薄膜為(FCC)鑽石結構,晶格參數為 a=5.42 A,Fe/Si薄膜其晶粒大小約為4~6nm。 震動樣品磁力計(VSM)磁性分析顯示:觀察室溫(298K)和低溫(180K),以VSM外加磁場(12 kOe)平行膜面來量測Fe/Si雙層薄膜曲線,在T=298K時之交換偏壓場(Hex~1.5 Oe)、矯頑磁力(Hc~16 Oe),T=180 K時之交換偏壓場(Hex~2 Oe)、矯頑磁力(Hc~16 Oe),發現在室溫T=298K或者T=180K之下,觀察到的Fe/Si薄膜都沒有明顯的矯頑磁力Hc和交換偏壓場Hex,因為矽薄膜本身不為反鐵磁材料,故與鐵薄膜之間並沒有交換耦合作用。
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