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標題: 中國供應商電子溝通平台之滿意度研究
Chinese Suppliers of Electronic Communication Platform Satisfaction Research
作者: Shun-Chang Lai
關鍵字: electronic commerce
electronic communication platform
user satisfaction
important-performance analysis(IPA)
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摘要: 隨著電子商務的蓬勃發展,企業的營運環境重內部到外部產生了巨大的變化,以以產品為中心的傳統經營策略模式,已經逐漸不能滿足現實的要求,隨者網際網路的技術結合在電子商務下越多越多企業交易模式改變由此方式進行,這使得我們面對當前的電子商務環境值得思考做研究,網路的技術和企業面對市場的激烈競爭下,發展出一套網路經營模式是必須的要素之一。 網際網路的發展下有了線上交易的模式產生,也隨者電子商務的發展下,有了電子溝通平台的產生,電子溝通平台給予了企業與企業間的一個溝通橋梁,縮短了彼此間的距離,企業環境的激烈競爭下面對供應商的各項要求以及大量的訂單,能夠以電子溝通平台有效用於訂單的紀錄管理,以及快速回應供應商的要求並且做處理達到同步的功效,在作業處理上能夠接收到訂單狀態最新訊息,企業對於人員數量也可以減少,企業內外部的交易成本也會因為導入電子溝通平台有所減少。 本論文以中部某傳統製造產業,在大陸地區的合作廠商導入電子溝通平台,對於大陸地區電子溝通平台的經營模式是一種新興的交易模式,本研究探討大陸地區的供應商,並且將供應商區分成核心產品供應商與周邊產品供應商,將這兩群的廠商做區分,分別探討兩供應商之使用者間所感受到的使用滿意度與重要性,以IPA模式加以分析,並且針對兩邊的供應商分析比較兩者之間的差異性,本研究以問卷方式給大陸地區合作廠商導入電子溝通平台之使用者所做的一份調查問卷。
Along with the vigorous development of electronic commerce,Enterprises operating environment produced a huge change from internal to external,With products as the center of the traditional management strategy pattern has gradually cannot satisfy the requirement of reality. As the Internet technology and e-commerce, more and more companies trading patterns change from this way, This makes us should be thinking about the current e-commerce environment , Internet technology and enterprises face the fierce market competition, it is one of the most important thing is to develop a set of elements of Internet business model. Under the development of the Internet ,there has a new mold with online trading patterns, As the development of electronic commerce, also have the production of electronic communication platform, Electronic communication platform gives a communication bridge between the enterprise and the enterprise, Shortened the distance between each others. In the enterprise under the environment of fierce competition, the requirements of suppliers and a large number of orders, To use electronic communication platform to the effective management of the order, And fast respond to the demands of suppliers and do treatment can reach the effect of synchronization, On the job processing to receive the latest order status message, also the Companies can reduce the number of people. The enterprise internal and external transaction cost will be decreased because of import electronic communication platform. In this paper, a traditional manufacturing industry in central and regional cooperation manufacturers in mainland China import electronic communication platform, Electronic communication platform for mainland business model is a kind of new trading patterns, This study explore the mainland suppliers, and distinguish suppliers into core supplier with peripheral products supplier, Will do to distinguish between the two group of manufacturers, respectively discusses the use of the feeling between the two suppliers of user satisfaction and importance. In IPA mode analysis, and on both sides of the supplier to compare the differences between the two, This research work in questionnaire way to mainland manufacturers into electronic communication platform of user did a questionnaire.
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