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標題: The study of NFC wallet
作者: 陳正豪
Cheng-Hao Chen
關鍵字: NFC
NFC security
Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem
Card Emulation Mode
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摘要: The Near Field Communication (NFC)Technology can connect each other within one second. It is a very convenient and populartechnology now. However, there are many threats in transfer process. We discuss seven attacks about NFC technology. It has six unsolved problems. The Peer-to-Peer Modehas a secure communication standard butCard Emulation Mode and Reader/Writer Mode do not have a secure protocol. Users should to design the protective protocolby themselves when they use the NFC technology in these modes. In our method,we use the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange and Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem to design a secure communication protocol on NFC wallet. Our methodachievesfive security requirements which are Data Confidentiality, Data Integrity, Unobservability, Unlinkability and Traceability. It is aquitesecure method. It should to enhance security in verifying identification of application in card emulation mode.It will prevent the illegal application to disable the function of secure chip. The identification of NFC tag should be careful, or it will infringe the privacy of user.
近場距離通訊(Near Field Communication, NFC)技術能在一秒鐘之內就能將通訊雙方的連結建立好,其便利性與實用性使其成為一種相當火紅的通訊技術,但是在短短幾秒鐘的通訊過程中,卻暗藏著許多危險,因此本研究整理了七種NFC相關的攻擊行為與威脅,其中有六種安全議題尚待解決。   我們發現NFC三種模式當中,唯獨點對點模式具備安全通訊標準,而「卡片模擬模式」與「讀取∕寫入模式」則仰賴於使用者自行設計安全機制,故本研究使用Diffie-Hellman金鑰交換法與橢圓曲線密碼系統,針對「卡片模擬模式」提出一套NFC電子錢包的安全通訊機制,並透過安全性分析來證明我們的方法滿足五點安全需求,達到「交易資料的機密性」、「資料的一致性」、「不可觀察性」、「不可連結性」、「可追蹤性」,因此所提出的方法具有相當程度的安全性。   在未來的研究中,可加強手機內部安全元件對於應用程式的身分辯識程度,防止非法程式癱瘓手機晶片卡功能,也須針對NFC標籤內容的正確性著手,藉此防範惡意程式碼滲入手機,侵犯使用者隱私。
其他識別: U0005-2811201416185666
文章公開時間: 2014-08-31
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