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標題: The Study on Scalable Key management Scheme in Advanced Metering Infrastructure
作者: 林靖樺
Ching-Hua Lin
關鍵字: Advanced metering infrastructure
Smart meters
Key management scheme
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摘要: Due to the energy saving and carbon reduction issues have increased in recent years, governments and organization all over the world are committed to promote the construction of smart grid. The purpose is able to provide high quality of supply, reliability electricity, and optimized configuration through real-time monitoring. It is to solve economic dispatch problem. In order to achieve that, using the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI for short). AMI have two-way communication ability and is for collection and analysis the electricity information. It is not only make the power system be configured automatically but also deploy information technology system(IT system) which is used to control the electricity usage into home, company, and within building. Therefore, AMI is an important and indispensable application in smart grid. There are many security issues in communication network environment. Owing to AMI erect the communication network technology on traditional power line, the security issues will exist. How to build a secure two-way communication to protect privacy information of user is a big problem must solve. The goal of this study is to propose a key management scheme that could suitable for AMI system. First of all, to design the proper scheme on AMI, a review which includes the architecture of AMI and security requirements is needed. Lastly, a proposal will be made to deploy two key management schemes on AMI systems. With both of these proposed schemes, it not only reduces the process of rekeying but also provides a scalable key management scheme.
在節能減碳以及國際能源缺乏的議題持續發酵之下,世界各國致力推動智慧電網的建設,目的是希望能夠透過即時監控以及經濟電力調度來提供高品質及高可靠度的電力供應以及最佳化配置,而為了達到此目的,使用雙向通訊功能的先進讀表設備(Advanced Metering Infrastruture, AMI)來進行電力資訊收集與分析,可以使得電力系統自動化配置且將資訊化控制深入家庭、公司以及建築物內部,因此被作為智慧電網的基礎骨幹。但因為AMI是在傳統電網上架設通訊網路且在任何通訊環境均有網路資訊安全的問題,因此如何建置一個安全的雙向溝通管道變成很重要的議題。所以此研究的目的在於提出適用於AMI的可擴展性金鑰管理架構,首先對目前的AMI現況架構以及安全需求的描述,並在不同的架構區段建設合適的可擴展性金鑰管理架構,此兩金鑰管理架構不但減少密鑰更新的過程更提供可擴展的金鑰管理架構。
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