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標題: Inspection of Enterprise human resource system personal information security – an Instance of a company's HR system in central
作者: 賴芳敏
Fang-Min Lai
關鍵字: Personal Data Protection Act
human resource system
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摘要: The most important asset of enterprise is employees, therefor apply a complete human resource management system (H.R.M.S. for short); to provide employees management and training, is good for enterprise has the better competitive and for future developing and internationalization. October 1, 2012 Personal Information Protection Act official announcement on the road have a new start for the protection of personal data for Taiwan. The new road is a funding method to expand the scope of application, including online shopping,internet services, voice marketing, etc., whether it is a natural person, public authority,legal persons or other organizations, in principle, are applicable. The object of protection from computer processing of the information originally provided, the paper manual collection process also included the two capital protections. So if there is a business owned leakage incident, in addition to the penalties may be required to accept outside compensation, corporate image damage, operations will also be affected. Human resource system of enterprise was the systems owned the most basic information, for the system needs to meet the rule in the scope of Personal Information Protection Act; it is necessary to view the human resources system. From the Law of Personal Data Protection Act, in addition to criminal liability,there is the associated administrative penalties, criminal charges of Taiwan criteria is too low, almost everyone can sue companies, which allow enterprises to a funding method is actually They came with fear. If companies do not accidentally leaked personal information of employees, companies must charged with the burden of proof,to be able to prove that he has custody of personal data to fulfill our obligations, may have suffered from huge fines and criminal responsibility on. So companies need to develop measures to eliminate the company's personnel department staff to collect,process, use of concerns of their personal data. In this paper, expect to be able to case study from the practical aspect to explore industry response to the Personal Data Protection Act of view HR system to act as a corporate response to reference the Personal Data Protection Act, to help companies comply with regulations, reduce operational risk, and thus ensure the protection of Personal Information. Keyword: Personal Data Protection Act, human resource system.
人才是企業最重要的資產,所以導入ㄧ套完善的人力資源管理系統(簡稱人資系統)提供人員管理與培訓為公司創造優質競爭優勢,以因應企業未來的發展與國際化是非常重要也是現今企業都很注重的事情。 2012年10月1日個人資料保護法(簡稱個資法)正式公告上路,對台灣的個人資料保護來說有了全新的開始。新上路的個資法擴大了適用的範圍,包括網路購物、網路服務、語音行銷等,不論是自然人、公務機關、法人或其他團體,原則上都適用。保護的客體也從原先規定的電腦處理資料,人工蒐集處理的紙本個資也納入保護。 所以如果是企業有個資洩漏的事件發生,除了可能需接受賠償罰則之外,企業形象受損,營運也會受影響。企業中的人資系統是人員基本資料使用最多的系統,為落實系統對人員資料有符合個資保護法的規範,有必要對人資系統進行檢視。 從個資法的法條來看,除了刑事責任之外,還有連帶的行政罰則,臺灣刑事控告的標準過低,幾乎人人皆可提告,這讓企業對於個資法其實是戒慎恐懼的。企業如果不小心外洩員工個資,企業必須身負舉證的責任,要能夠證明已經善盡個資保管的義務,才有可能免於遭受鉅額的罰款,以及刑事上的責任。所以企業需擬定措施,消除員工對於公司人事部門蒐集、處理、利用其個資的疑慮。本文期望能夠以個案研究法,從實務面探討業者因應個資法並以中部某企業使用的人資系統為主要檢視對象,期望從系統的角度,來檢視企業人力資源系統當前因應新版個資法的規範所遭遇到的問題,以提供人力資源系統因應個資法規劃設計之參考,幫助企業遵從法規,降低營運風險,進而確實保護管理個人資料,才不會誤觸法律規範。
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