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標題: Privacy Image Protection Using Fine-grained Technique
作者: 王楚帆
Chu-Fan Wang
關鍵字: Image access control
fine-grained access control
privacy protection
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摘要: Access control has been applied in multimedia database to preserve and protect the content which contains sensitive information. The past researches generate authorization rules to control the users who have permissions to access the contents in social photos, meeting photos, promotional photos, etc. It is not appropriate to use in some privacy scenarios (e.g., the increasing popularity of digital images being stored and managed by the service Google Street View). With low cost of maintenance, this paper integrates the data hiding technique into a fine-grained access control model to mask the sensitive information as well as enable to decode the masked results if necessary. Different kinds of images are treated as test images in the experiments. According to different authorizations, the different views for an image are presented. Also, the length of authorization path and the time is required in proposed scheme are shown in experiments. The experiments show the positive data to confirm the feasibility of the proposed scheme.
近年來,隨著網路的普及與發展,網路已不再只是傳遞訊息的工具,他已完全融入人們的生活中。雖然網路帶來了相當大的便利性,但相對地也存在著很多潛在的危險,由於網路是個開放且公開的環境,人們可以輕鬆地透過網路傳遞存取資料與影像,潛在的危險即是造成個人的隱私也許會因此而洩漏散播出去。台灣近年來也提出了個資法保護網路上的個人資訊安全,如何確保個人資訊免於隱私洩漏的疑慮是目前值得探討的議題。目前關於存取控制的研究大多專注於如何對一整份文件或是整張圖,而無法對影像做細緻化的存取控制(Fine-grained Access Control)。在本研究中,我們提出了一個保護隱私影像的存取機制,可以達到細緻化授權,將影像具隱私的內容加以加密,唯有特定被授權的角色,才有能力能將影像的加密區域內容還原成原本或近似影像內容。
其他識別: U0005-2611201316124400
文章公開時間: 2015-11-28
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