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標題: 應用於無線區域網路802.11a,24GHz與60GHz之射頻發射器子電路設計
Transmitter Sub-block Circuits Design for WLAN 802.11a, 24GHz and 60GHz Applications
作者: 吳兼百
Wu, Chien-Pai
關鍵字: 射頻發射器
power amplifier
injection-locked frequency divider
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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摘要: 本論文的主題為設計射頻發射機子電路塊:功率放大器以及除頻器。本論文分為六個章節,第一章簡述研究背景,並對過去的相關研究作一個簡單的介紹。 第二章簡單敘述功率放大器的各種設計考量,並對線性功率放大器的分類作簡單的介紹。 第三章部分,設計一個應用於802.11a 5.2GHz的功率放大器,採用的製程為0.18μm CMOS process,並採用線性器(linearizer)作為功率輸出級之閘極偏壓,可以較小的成本而有效增進線性度,另外採用兩級的疊接式組態以增加隔離度。 第四章為操作於V頻段(60GHz)的功率放大器,使用的製程為WIN GaAs 0.15μm pHEMT製程。此製程有高電子遷移率且有較大的崩潰電壓,較適合高頻功率放大器的應用。此電路採用三級的共源極架構實現,其中第三級在輸入端採用分支線耦合器分成正交的兩路訊號後再分別由輸出級兩個電晶體放大訊號,再同樣以分支線耦合器結合功率輸出,以得到較大的輸出功率。 第五章為設計一24GHz的注入鎖定除二除頻器,首先探討注入鎖定除頻器各參數之間的相互關係,找出設計時的考量方法,此電路採用直接注入架構以增大可除範圍,改變LC-tank內的等效Q值,增大其操作在高頻時的輸出功率及鎖定範圍。 第六章則總結各章的研究成果並探討未來的研究與改進方向。
In this thesis, design of two microwave transmitter sub-block circuits, including the power amplifier and the frequency divider, is presented. This thesis consists of six chapters: Chapter one, we will briefly introduce our research background and the contents of this thesis. In chapter two, we will talk about some design issues for microwave power amplifier, including the power gain, stability, and power added efficiency. We will also show the various types of linear power amplifiers. A two-stage power amplifier with diode linearizer is presented in chapter three. It is implemented in the 0.18μm CMOS process for 802.11a 5.2GHz applications. The power amplifier is consisted of two cascode stages and has good stability. The diode linearizer is used to offer the bias voltage for the output stage and has an advantage of increasing the linearity of the circuit. In the chapter four, design of a 60GHz power amplifier for IEEE 802.15.3c application is presented and design method of coplanar waveguide is also discussed. The design is implemented by WIN GaAs 0.15μm pHEMT process technology. The power amplifier is composed of three stages, including the gain stage, the driver stage, and the output power stage. At the output stage, the branch line couplers are adopted to achieve power dividing/combining functions to get the high output power. In the chapter five, we focus on the design of a popular high-frequency divider: injection-locked frequency divider (ILFD). we will first figure out the relationship between the parameters of ILFD, and then try to design a wide locking ILFD which can be operated in K-band. According to the design equations, we know that the locking range of the ILFD is inversely proportional to the Q factor of LC-tank. But low Q factor will cause low output power and therefore narrow the locking range when the ILFD is operated in high frequency. We have designed a ILFD which has both wide locking range and high output power in this chapter. A simple conclusion is made in chapter six and we shortly discuss the possible method to improve the circuits for future work.
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