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dc.contributor.authorTung-Yang Huangen_US
dc.description.abstractThe "Yiyuan" ("Garden of the extraordinary") is the subject of this study. Based on the description of extraordinary in this book, this study explained the author's position on what should the literati have in recognizing their social status, the meaning of life and principles of conducting themselves in the society. First, as far as the occurrence of fantastic objects in the environment, it can set off the classification and status of life for human in the universe. From the view point of physical changes, the occurrence of unpredictable changes follows a fixed principle. Individual, things and materials, and environment all operate on the common physical nature. Second, as for individuals, man has the power to feel and connect with other objects and perceive the nature of life. The ability and nature of man ties with his spirits and animal forces and that represent the will. In accordance with this ability and nature, man has the psychic ability to communicate with other unrelated objects but of similar disposition. As for the body where the life resides, under the irrevocable rule that all men shall die, the occurrence of strange events before death is an omen. "Yiyuan" used the individual as the center of discussion, trying to find in the unpredictable changes, the way of conducting oneself in society that is likely to exist in times of upheaval.en_US
dc.relation興大中文學報, Volume 36, Page(s) 33-60.zh_TW
dc.subjectLiu Jingshuen_US
dc.subject"Yiyuan" ("Garden of the extraordinary")en_US
dc.subjectweird novel of Six Dynastiesen_US
dc.subjectliterary sketchesen_US
dc.subjectdiscussion on cultureen_US
dc.titleThe Study on Observations and Comments of Life from Discussions on the Extraordinary in "Yiyuan"en_US
dc.typeJournal Articlezh_TW
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