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標題: 運用座標系統擬合於榖堆體積估算之研究
Application of Coordinate Mapping on Estimating Grain Storgae Volume
作者: Chao-Fu Tsou
Tshen-Chan Lin
Po-Shao Chen
Cheng-Yueh Chung
關鍵字: Quaternion
Delaunay triangulation
Reconstruction of 3-D Model
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
摘要: 本研究運用體積量測平台,對模型與穀堆進行三維模型重建與體積之估算。透過兩個不同視角進行物體之量測,利用物體最底層作為共同量測點,將兩個不同座標系統藉由四元數進行座標系統之擬合。先將物體表面量測點投影於地面,再運用迪氏三角網格化進行三角網格之建立,由三角網格點對應其原始格點高度,形成不等高之三角柱,最後完成三維模型重建與體積之估算。先進行已知體積物體之試驗,所估測之體積平均誤差率2%以下。穀堆體積估算部分,針對臺中市大里區農會穀倉兩堆穀堆進行試驗,透過不同的層數量測點組合進行模型建立與體積估算比較。根據結果顯示,增加層數量測點可以使估算體積趨近於真實穀堆體積。
Using a measurement instrument developed in this study, the three-dimensional models of grain stored in granary were setup and their volumes were estimated. As measuring one object from two different perspectives, the common points at the bottom of the object were measured, and they were mapped into the same coordinate system by quaternion approach. The measuring points were first projected on the ground, and their triangular meshes were established with Delaunay triangulation. Once the triangular meshes were obtained, their original heights can be traced back. The triangular prisms were then constructed, finally rebuilding three-dimensional model was completed, and the volumes were calculated. Measuring the volume of objects with known-volume was done first, and the average relative errors rate of 2% or less was obtained. Two piles of grain stored in the granary at Tali District Farmer's Association of Taichung were investigated. Different combinations of measured points were tested. According to the results, increasing the number of tiers of measured points can obtain more accurate volume value.
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